Spa holiday packages – staycations are here to stay

Jul 21, 2010
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It would be no exaggeration to say that the first half of the year was a fairly glum affair for the UK, characterised by frenetic penny-pinching by families and politicians alike, worries about disrupted travel plans (whether thanks to fuming volcanoes or disgruntled BA employees), and the perhaps inevitable disappointment of England’s performance in the World Cup.

But we mustn’t allow all this negativity to spoil what remains of this year. For the sake of the nation – not to mention our own well-being – we need to shake off any lingering negativity or despondency, and instead make plans for a pleasant and positive summer and autumn ahead.

One prospect guaranteed to cheer everyone up is holidays. So where are we Brits going on holiday this year?  Well, try as we might to forget the past six months, it would appear that niggling doubts still remain about the vagaries of volcanic ash. Added to that, we all seem to be exercising Brownesque prudence when it comes to spending our hard-earned cash.

All of the above explains why staycations are definitely the “in thing” this year, with many singletons, couples and families alike electing to remain at home and visit local tourist spots, or UK destinations which are further afield but don’t involve an airport.

It would certainly appear that UK holidaymakers in their thousands have taken the decision to eschew travel outside UK shores this year, thereby banishing the spectre of long or short-haul flights being cancelled at the last moment and leaving them stranded – whether on this side of the Atlantic or the other.

Spa holiday packages are proving particularly popular at the moment amongst increasingly health-conscious British adults, not least because spa health resorts offer all the benefits of luxury hotels paired with the “clear conscience” factor. This comes from the fact that the focus of a spa holiday is unashamedly on wellness.

Of course, wellness comes in many guises, and that’s where a spa package comes into its own, allowing you to choose a bundle of treatments and activities that suit your physical, spiritual and psychological needs.

For example, if you’re in need of a detox, leading health spa Ragdale Hall has the perfect spa day for you – The Pure Detox Day includes a Full Body Massage, Energising Detox Therapy and a Foot Conditioning Treatment.

Alternatively, if you’re just looking for the ultimate in luxury, why not try The Luxury Three Night Spa Break, which includes a Natural Harmony Facial including Hand Massage, Tension Release Scalp Therapy, Body Exfoliation and Nourish, Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage.

A fruit bowl and welcome tray are also included in the package, not to mention a copy of Ragdale Hall’s Guide to Healthy Living, detailing how you can maintain the healthy start you have made and setting achievable targets for your return home.

If all of this sounds far removed from the traditional package holiday – which conjures up images of crowded beaches, diplomatic incidents over sun beds by the poolside and unrelenting noise – then that’s because it is. Spa package holidays are a world apart.

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