Spa holiday packages – half-term pampering for put-upon pedagogues

Oct 09, 2009
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The joys (or otherwise) of life as a schoolteacher are well documented in the press, with demanding timetables, challenging pupils and an ever-increasing bureaucratic burden often making teachers’ lives horrendously stressful.

Unsurprisingly, by half-term a short break is vital to restore tired teachers’ energy levels. Though, of course, everyone has their own individual concept of what constitutes an ideal mid-term break and the best way of recuperating from the traumas of the past six weeks or so.

For some, it will mean lounging in bed or on the sofa for most of the time, just recharging the batteries.  Others will consider the appropriate therapy to be getting out of the house and shinning up a mountain or three before breakfast.

But for those looking to steer a middle course between hedonism and hyperactivity, a spa break is the epitome of an ideal holiday destination.

Spa holiday packages offer the perfect pick-me-up for exhausted education providers.  Casting aside all thoughts of marking, detention and staffroom politics, you can immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and pampering, indulging in beauty treatments that range from massages to manicures, and from facials to exfoliation.

Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for exercise, or dream of banishing the dreaded bingo wings, you’ll find that most leading spas in the UK have state-of-the-art gym facilities and offer a programme of activities to cater for all levels of fitness.

Even the names of some of these classes are inspiringly energetic – in fact, you’d imagine that simply saying “Street Dance”, “Pom Pom Workout”, “Elvis Rocks” or “Hula Hooping” out loud might burn off a few calories before you actually start exercising.

All in all, a mid-term reviver is an ideal way for jaded schoolteachers to chill and recuperate.  With a superlative range of treatments to choose from – not to mention exercise classes to help compensate for those long hours spent marking jotters – you’ll be spoilt for choice if you visit a spa this half-term break.

In fact, it’s safe to say that you’ll feel your classroom cares start to evaporate the minute you set foot in your chosen fabulous spa environment and are enveloped by the calm serenity of the inspiring surroundings. So this half-term, make sure the only marking you’ll be doing is rating your spa holiday package ten out of ten.

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