Spa gifts and vouchers – Santa’s little helpers

Nov 13, 2010
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Are you tired of the omnipresent tinsel tat that pervades UK high streets every winter? Are your ears tired of listening to those infernal festive tunes tra la la-ing in the background in shopping malls across the country?

If you find such premature manifestations of the impending festive season simply too depressing, filling you with anything but cheer, then why not make life eminently more pleasant for yourself this Christmas?

Break free from the flocks of High Street shoppers milling around Marks & Spencer or battling belligerently for a place in the Boots’ queue…

Instead pour yourself a glass of wine (just one – remember you’re saving yourself for the party season!) and settle down in the comfort of your own home to participate in the ultimate in civilised Christmas shopping experiences – online.

And still on the theme of civilised pursuits, make your first port of call Ragdale Hall’s online spa shop, where you’ll find spa gift vouchers galore…

“But aren’t spas the preserve of the rich and famous?” I hear you ask. The answer is a resounding “no”! Modern spas offer a haven of peace and tranquillity for people from all walks of life – old and young, fit and not quite so fit.

Fortunately for the health of our nation, the pursuit of wellness is fast becoming a way of life, with health spas epitomising the modern approach to a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, spas are seen as the place where self-indulgence meets self-preservation.

In the tranquil setting of the spa environment, there are myriad opportunities to be invigorated, pampered and restored – or even all three! Guests can choose between a host of health-promoting activities, treatments and therapies.

So by giving your friends and family spa gifts, you are – in fact – helping them to help themselves. Surely there is no greater gift you could give your loved ones this Christmas than the opportunity to chill and de-stress in an ambiance of total calm and serenity.

As well as buying gift vouchers for different denominations, you can treat friends and family to fabulous spa experiences, endowed with magical monikers such as Pure Bliss Day, Late Escape Day, Pure Nurture Day, Refresh and Revive Day, or Three Night Time for Me.

Spa gifts are the perfect way to show loved ones just how much you care. What’s more, by choosing gifts available to order online you’ll be doing your own stress levels a huge favour, too – not to mention sparing your shoe leather.

But, of course, spa vouchers aren’t the only luxurious spa gifts that you can order far from the High Street crowds.

On Ragdale Hall’s website, for example, you can choose from a stunning selection of spa goodies, including a comfortable Ragdale Hall waffle towelling robe, a stylish Ragdale Hall sports bag, perfect for class or gym use, or “Healthy Food, Tasting Good” – a cookbook full of delicious healthy recipes devised by the experts in the Ragdale Hall kitchen.

Which means that you can purchase some ultra-special stocking fillers quickly and easily, whilst allowing your lucky recipients to create a little spa magic in their own home.

Of course, there’s only one problem about browsing a website: once you’ve seen all the wonderful spa treatments and products available to buy, you’ll be tempted to treat yourself as well as your friends and family.  And what a great idea!

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