Spa breaks – the ideal antidote to festive excesses!

Dec 07, 2010
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Be honest with yourself, now. Is there even the remotest chance that you’ll be spending too many hours lounging on the sofa or propping up friends’ and relatives’ dining room tables over the forthcoming festive period? If the honest answer is “yes”, then it’s time to look ahead and book ahead – book a spa break that is.

Whatever your religious convictions, or lack of, the Christmas and New Year break in the UK tends to be a time for sleeping too much, watching too much TV, drinking too much, eating too much… See a trend developing here?

As a result, come January 1st, fired with New Year’s resolution, many of us will step with dread onto the bathroom scales. Despite all the usual attempts to fool the infernal device – all shoes and clothing removed, deep breath inwards etc – the result is inevitably a huge (no pun intended) disappointment.

Sadly, all that festive cheer has a horrible habit of translating into festive flab. But (wobbly) chin up! You know it’s going to happen if you want to indulge in your fair share of Christmas goodies, so the secret is to accept the inevitable and be ready to remedy any minor damage as quickly as possible in 2011.

And when it comes to shifting those annoying festive pounds, grams, kilos or whatever (hopefully not stones!), spa breaks undoubtedly offer one of the more pleasant solutions.

Perhaps your preferred tactic is to book a break in January to kick-start your new regime and get “spa inspired”. Or maybe you find you are more disciplined in your health and fitness regime if you have an incentive to motivate you. If you are, you’d probably prefer to lose the weight first and then reward yourself with a luxurious spa break.

Whichever way your psyche works, a spa break is the perfect prospect to ponder if you need cheered up during the dark, dreary days of December. Forget the frost, the chilblains and the dripping noses – instead focus your thoughts on energetic dance classes, luxurious massages with exotically scented oils, and relaxing saunas.

UK spa resorts generally offer a feast (possibly not the best analogy, given the circumstances…) of fitness and health breaks in the first months of any New Year, so it’s well worth searching online to see which spa break looks right for you. And in the meantime, enjoy your mulled wine and mince pies!

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