Spa breaks – for once it is all about you

Oct 19, 2010
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Sara Cox certainly wasn’t far wrong when she wrote in a column in She magazine recently, “It’s not all about me anymore”.

She was referring to the experience of becoming a mother and to the realisation that she now had to put others before herself – which, I suppose, must be even more of a comedown when you’ve previously led a fairly self-indulgent, hard-partying, celebrity lifestyle.

But, of course, she’s right. Even us girls who lead relatively normal lives (whatever that is!), usually find ourselves making huge adjustments when we take on the responsibility of a partner and/or offspring, not to mention an aging parent or two. Slowly, at first – then faster and faster – our own needs seem to slide precariously down the priority heap.

What we need, every now and then, is a chance to focus on ourselves again – to put our own wellbeing, both spiritual and physical, top priority. And the perfect way to do just that is to take advantage of the fabulous spa breaks on offer at the UK’s leading spa health resorts, such as the Clarins Ultimate Three Night Break at Ragdale Hall.

The luxurious spa environment is the epitome of self-indulgence, which is exactly what your spa break should be. Make every moment of this rare opportunity count, and book yourself a range of cosseting beauty treatments well in advance to avoid disappointment on your arrival.

And to make the most of your visit once you arrive at your chosen spa destination, there are a few things that it’s useful to bear in mind…

For example, make sure you drink plenty of water in between your treatments and activities – six to eight glasses is the daily recommended target. And don’t forget to leave ample time in between your treatments, since if you end up rushing about from appointment to appointment, you won’t feel that all-important spa “chill” factor.

If you’re planning to take part in an exercise class, book your massage for afterwards so that you derive maximum benefits from the relaxing effects of the massage. Also, before a massage, it’s advisable to use the sauna and steam rooms to help start relaxing your muscles in advance.

A spa is the one place that you can drift off into doze during the day without fear of getting into trouble! So if you feel like falling asleep at any time during a treatment or massage, you can do precisely that. Taking time out is what visiting a spa is all about.

It all sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Surely there has to be a flaw in such an idyllic plan.

Such as… what if daughter dearest suddenly has to attend an extra dance practice during your long-planned spa weekend, or son and heir has an unexpected – but critical – football match? Quite simple. No excuses accepted. Just delegate friends or family to help with the domestic logistics for once, and do something you haven’t done for ages: put yourself first!

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