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May 28, 2012
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This time of year is my favourite and below I’ve given you some fab tips on how to prepare your skin and body for the warm weather and, of course, for your summer holiday.  I’ve also given you a run down of my favourite products….you won’t want your luggage to be without them.

It’s the holiday season! And before you go…

Preparing for your holiday is all part of your holiday experience. Looking and feeling good when you step on that aeroplane is a fantastic way to start your holiday.

Top tips to prepare:

1. Use a tan accelerator two to three weeks prior to your holiday. This will enable you to tan more quickly and evenly and also make your tan last longer.

2. Exfoliate your whole body a few days before to help achieve that golden healthy glow and to keep the appearance of your skin youthful.

3. If you’re feeling a little pale then don’t forget to apply self tan the day before you go away. This will give you the feel good factor as you step on to the plane.

4. Prepare for wearing strappy sandals by exfoliating, moisturising and rasping your feet. Tidy your cuticles and perfect your nails with a high shine polish, this will finish the pre holiday look perfectly.

5. We all know that too much sun exposure can lead to premature ageing, so why not make sure that your sun care has anti-ageing benefits as well as UV protection?

6. Always use a high factor for the first few days of your holiday before moving on to a lower factor and never stay too long in the sun.


Planning your packing…

When packing your suitcase for your holiday, there are certain things a girl can’t do without:

Fake Bake Self Tan £26.95. Ideal for tanning pre holiday. This incredibly luxurious golden bronze tan, for all skin tones, is natural looking and streak free and also does not contain parabens.

Incoco Dry Nail High Shine Applique Set £7.10. This flat pack set is ideal for your suitcase. These amazing manicure sets are a must have, you just stick them onto your nails and you’re ready to go, no drying, no smudging and they last for up to two weeks. They even come complete with a sachet of nail polish remover and buffer (available in pink, red, berry and french).

Elemis Signature Fragrance 28ml £35.80. Launched this year, this aromatic scent captures the exciting fragrant notes that Elemis has collected from across the globe, ideal for your evenings out whilst on holiday, giving you a warm, rich, refreshing feeling of well being.

Clarins UVB 50/UVA Sun Wrinkle Control Cream £17.50 is recommended for sun sensitive skin and ensures an even, long lasting tan.

Clarins UVB/15/UVA £17.50 is an oil free lotion. It is great for outdoor sports with an easy spray application, so there is no excuse not to apply.

Clarins After Sun Moisturiser £19.00, revitalizes and prolongs your tan.

Clarins new SOS Sun Burn Soother £26.00, minimises redness and soothes the feeling of hot skin.

Nougat Sparkling Body Shimmer £14.30 adds radiance to your skin for those glamorous evenings out.

You can’t beat the Dior make-up collection: to keep skin tone even, use Dior Skin Flash Concealer £26.00, then brush over with Dior Nude Tan Sun Powder £34.00 and for that sun kissed look, finish with Dior Addict Lipstick £24.00

Elemis Eyes Awake Recovery Gel £36.80 is a remedy for any dry, tired and puffy eyes and gives an instant cooling effect.

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream £33.50 ensures the ideal moisture balance by maintaining the skin’s ideal climate.

Lady Tweezers £5.99 are stylish and funky and will give you a lifetime of professional results. Don’t forget to put them in your case as sharp objects cannot go in your hand luggage.

Clarins Eau des Jardins Fragrance 100ml £29.00. A zesty-floral treatment fragrance that uplifts and refreshes whilst restoring radiance and suppleness to the skin, perfect for daytime.


Hand Luggage – mini must-haves…

Keep your hand luggage products under 100ml – that way they’ll all fit neatly into one small bag and you won’t have any problems at the airport (don’t forget to pop them in a small clear plastic bag).

Clarins Fix’ Make-Up Refreshing Mist £31.00 allows you to refresh your make up at the end of a flight or before going out after a day in the sun.

Elemis Quiet Mind Temple Balm £14.00 has a relaxing aroma that helps induce calm and is the ideal companion when travelling.

Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File £12.50 comes in a case and is small and compact. How many of us break our nails whilst lifting suitcases up and down steps?

Carmex Lip Balm SPF 15, £3.83 will allow your lips to stay safe in the sun and prevent dryness from air conditioned aeroplanes. It can also be used under lipstick.

Spa Find Hand Care Cream 100ml £16.20 is a silky-smooth, non greasy formula containing aloe-vera, dead sea minerals and many more healing aids. Keep it near at all times!


Have a great summer and don’t forget, call me or any of my team on 01664 434411 ext 303 with any queries or mail order requests.

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