Set your intentions for a happier and healthier 2022

Dec 22, 2021
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With the new year fast approaching, many of us may use this time for reflection, and see the new year as an opportunity for growth and personal development. January is typically the time when many of us will begin to set New Year’s Resolutions – a commitment to yourself, to change something about ourselves or our lifestyles. But how many of us actually stick to them? In this blog, we’ll guide you through how to set an intention, rather than a resolution and explain how this can help you to achieve your goals by bringing your visions to life.

Resolution VS Intention

  • When we make a resolution, they’re often based on a statement to change something or achieve something – to lose weight, to run 5k or learn to play an instrument, for example – and are often born of negative thoughts and feelings we have towards ourselves. So, you can already begin to understand why that by the end of February (or January!) many of us begin to feel bad about failing and give up. Setting an intention empowers you to decide what you want and how you want to experience life.


Identify what you want

  • It’s time to get specific. Think about what you truly want and write down in a notebook exactly what the thing is ­– it could be anything from wanting to prioritise your wellness, finding your dream job or spending more time with your family. Write down all of the steps you need to take which will bring you closer to achieving this.


Make your mantra

  • Think of a short phrase or mantra which incorporates some of the things you have written down. If your intention is to feel healthier, rather than being overly hard on yourself and creating a strict diet and exercise regime by setting your resolution as weight loss, your mantra could be: ‘I’m ready to become the healthiest, strongest version of myself’. Repeat your mantra every day, ideally in the morning to set yourself up and empower you for the day ahead.


Shift limiting beliefs

  • This is something most of us are guilty of – but not believing that your intention is actually possible for you can actually impact the chances of your intention becoming reality. Giving in to negative thought patterns can mean you’re less likely to accept opportunities as they arise, too. It isn’t easy, but there are steps you can take to reframe your mindset to ensure that your beliefs align to what you truly desire. Every time you catch yourself thinking something negative, learn to challenge that thought, and replace it with something positive.


Bring your intentions into everyday life

  • The more you remind yourself of your mantra, the easier you will find it to naturally stay present in the moment and stay focused on achieving your intention. Try placing little reminders around the home which remind you of each intention you have set for yourself. It could be a photo, an item of clothing or your mantra written out on a piece of paper.


Let your actions become a habit

  • They say that it can take up to six weeks for something new to become a habit, and this new way of thinking may take some time to become your routine – so don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget to repeat your mantra one day, simply pick it back up the next day or as soon as you remember.


Don’t forget, there’s no harm in setting a resolution and working towards that goal, but this year why not release yourself from the pressure or achieving a set goal and see how setting an intention can make a difference to you?

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