Jan 27, 2015
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We recently updated you on Ragdale stalwart, Raggles the cat, who had been poorly over the Christmas break and had subsequently ‘retired’ from Ragdale life,  taking up residence with our Hotel Operations Director, Hugh Wilson.

Despite settling in to her new home very well, Raggles continued to have health problems and ongoing veterinary treatment. Unfortunately, however, she deteriorated rapidly over this last weekend and was admitted to the vet’s for emergency treatment.

Raggles was very poorly and it is with great sadness we have to let all our guests know that she passed away peacefully on Monday 26th January 2015.

Since arriving at the Hall in 2007, we know Raggles quickly became a ‘celebrity’ and was an important feature of many of your stays. She was cremated and her ashes returned to Ragdale.


134 responses to “Raggles”


    Oh how sad I shall miss raggles, she never got irritated by all the attention she received. When I visited i always sought to look for her.

    • What a wonderful life Raggles had at Ragdale.
      She was such a character and I’ve always said that if I were to come back as a living creature it would be Raggles without a doubt in beautiful pampering surroundings. I’m sure her spirit will always be there however I will miss her greeting us on arrival she was very special indeed!!!

    • Linda Payne says:

      I am so sorry to hear the sad news. I do hope Raggles did not suffer too much. Raggles will be sorely missed.

    • Grace and Alison Tindall are so sorry to hear of the death of Raggles and would like to send condolences to all the staff who clearly new her far better than any of us. If we are sad you must all be devastated
      Looking forward to seeing you all soon even if our little furry friend is missing

  2. Kate Hooley says:

    As I wipe the tears from my eyes, it is good to know she is at peace. Although I know I will never see her again, it is nice to know she will be back home to the place she loved so much forever. All my love. Kate x x

  3. Cathie says:

    Oh Raggles, how sad to hear that you’ve taken the rainbow bridge to the cattery in the sky. But you were a lovely little bundle of fur.

  4. Marion says:

    So sad to hear of Raggles departure, she will be missed

  5. Vanessa says:

    That’s so sad, she was a lovely girl I had a little fuss with just before Christmas. I shall miss seeing her very much xx

  6. Harminder Mahi says:

    So so sad and upset to hear about poor little Raggles. My sister and I loved her dearly and looked forward to seeing her at Ragdale. Such a terrible loss. RIP Raggles xxxxx

  7. Caroline says:

    Bye little Raggles, Ragdale won’t be the same without you 🙁 x

  8. Sharon Collins says:

    Raggles was part of Ragdale and will be missed by so many people. Such a lovely cat. So sad. xx

  9. Helen Barber says:

    Awww poor beautiful Raggles!! Such a wonderful cat, she will be sorely missed at future visits!!!

  10. June Mclean says:

    Poor Raggles you will be missed xx

  11. Diane Hazelgrave says:

    So sad to hear about Raggles will miss seeing her in the chair at Ragdale. Bless her xx

  12. Jane Morris says:

    Aww – dear Raggles! I did miss her being around this year – so calm and tolerant and such lovely complementary therapy. Rest in peace puss cat.

  13. Susan Pomfret says:

    She had a lovely life in an amazing home. We will miss spotting her around the Hall in future.

  14. Julie price says:

    So sad she will be greatly missed. Xx

  15. Susan Bamford says:

    We did look for her on our stay a couple of weeks ago and missed her

  16. jayne says:

    Very sad news one special cat

  17. Sarah Edge says:

    Such sad news about Raggles! She was such a pleasant sight when arriving at Ragdale, she will be missed. Rest in peace Raggles!

  18. Helen Skidmore says:

    Happy frolicking at Rainbow Bridge my furry friend. I’ll miss you on my Ragdale visits.

  19. Trudy says:

    Sweet dreams Raggles. X

  20. Cheryl says:

    RIP Raggles

  21. Iris Hillery says:

    Raggles will be much missed. Such a little character. Rest in peace.

  22. Tracey Read says:

    Such sad news ragdale won’t be the same without you xx RIP raggles xx

  23. Pat says:

    so sad, my daughter and I will miss you Raggles. RIP in Cat Heaven

  24. Amanda says:

    So sad to hear about Raggles. She was so lovely and I will miss seeing her when I visit again in September.

  25. Aimi Williams-Smith says:

    ragdale won’t be the same without you Raggles. X

  26. Catherine says:

    Just won’t be the same without a kitty snuggle before I leave…..

  27. Maureen says:

    RIP dear Raggles.

  28. Claire Whitehead says:

    Such sad news. I didn’t feel I’d properly arrived until I seen Raggles. Im sure her spirit will still be around on her favourite chair or curled up by the fire. Love you all at Ragdale xxx

  29. Carole says:

    Oh dear… how sad… we always looked for Raggles on arrival and didn’t feel as if our visit was complete unless we had seen her… such a lovely cat.

  30. So sad…..I have been a Ragdale guest for maybe 18 years and I am gutted. I can remember the competition for your name xxx Night night ….God bless xx

  31. Karen Neal says:

    How sad

  32. Karen Neal says:

    It wasn’t the same when I visited on Monday and you weren’t there to greet me at the door x

  33. jayne chambers says:

    RIP Raffles, you will be greatly missed, it wont be the same not seeing you sleeping and dreaming on your chair in the lounge, God bless xxxx

  34. Alex Outlaw says:

    Sleep tight Raggles. Enjoy chasing all those bunnies up there! You will be so missed xxx

  35. Dorothy Clarke says:

    So sad such a beautiful looking, much loved cat will be sorely missed by all your visitors

  36. Louise Fairclough says:

    How very sad. Sleep tight Raggles X

  37. Joy Townsend says:

    Oh dear Raggles. Was looking forward to seeing you on the 8th February on my next visit. Pussy heaven will have a lovely new addition. RIP. You’ll be sadly missed. You were at Ragdale nearly as long as I’ve been visiting.

  38. Sad to say goodbye to Raggles. She has gone to the great Spa in the sky. Much loved, petted and missed. Will be really sorry not to see her on my next visit

  39. Jenny Rose says:

    Night night sweet little pussy cat xx

  40. Sarah Middleton says:

    So sorry about Raggles. We always sought her out for a stroke & a bit of fussing. Will really miss her on our next visit. Glad she will return to Ragdale to sleep in the beautiful gardens forever. X

  41. Hazel says:

    Such a big part of Ragdale’s homely relaxed atmosphere. Will sadly miss her. xx

  42. Debbie says:

    To All at RH – heartfelt sympathies. Rest assured she will be well pampurred in her new home over the Rainbow. RIP Pampers.

  43. Debbie says:

    RIP – Raggles.

  44. Lorraine Vaughan says:

    Oh dear, that’s so sad. RIP Raggles!

  45. Sylvia says:

    I’m so sorry to hear the sad news. Raggles was very special and I’ll miss seeing her when I next visit. RIP lovely puss.

  46. Kate says:

    RIP lovely Raggles. Lovely natured and Ragdale’s USP!

  47. Mark says:

    A kind, sweet creature has left Ragdale Hall. Raggles was a truly comforting presence, and I shall miss seeking her out on my visits to the lounge area. She is at peace, and we must all treasure our memories of a much loved little girl. She is in the care of the angels, and no harm can come to her now.

  48. Jackie says:

    So sad to hear the news of Raggles. I will be miss her and my sister Roz & my friend Linda too. My last memory of her was running around in the garden by the bridge last summer! Happy times. Loved by so many dearest Raggles xxx

  49. Katie Percival says:

    Such sad news to hear, I was looking forward to seeing Raggles again when I visit with my Mum in March… RIP dear sweet pussy cat xxx

  50. Francesca says:

    Oh Raggles as wonderful a stay at Ragdale can be, seeing you the numerous times I have visited over the last 8 years, brightened up my visit even more than words can express. I remember when you where a stray and didn’t even have a name, what wonderful memories I will have of you. The only relief I have is knowing that you are now in no pain. You will be missed greatly and Ragdale just will not be the same without you. Meow x

  51. Ashleigh C says:

    Rip little one. Sleep tight. Xx

  52. Samantha Cooper says:

    Very sad to hear of Raggles leaving us. A beautiful cat. I will miss her. xx

  53. Caroline H says:

    Darling Raggles, Senior PURRsonnel who provided gentle FURapy and love to all the guests at Ragdale Hall – she had a wonderful life at The Hall and in turn has the love and respect of the many guests who love her and will miss her greatly. My condolences to the Staff who have worked so closely with Raggles and will really miss her gentle guidance – the Hall just won’t be the same without her.
    Rest in peace darling Raggles xxx >^..^<

  54. Amanda R says:

    So sad to hear news about Raggles, but not totally surprised only saw her four weeks ago and she didn’t seem herself. Will really miss her when I visit the Hall, she was an important part of the place for me, made it more like visiting someone’s home rather than a hotel environment. xx

  55. sally and Izzy etherington says:

    My daughter and I always made a fuss of Raggles on our visit’s she will be sadly missed. 🙁

  56. Jane Haskins says:

    So very sad news about Raggles, she was such a lovely cat and I’m so sad I never got to see her on my last visit she always seemed to be elusive! She will leave a big gap in team at Ragsdale.

  57. Ann says:

    I am so sad to learn the news about Raggles. I was so looking forward to seeing her on my next visit. She created such a relaxing presence at Ragdale. Perhaps you may find a new recruit for the vacancy of pampered pussy cat in charge of comfy chairs. RIP lovely Raggles. Love Ann xx

  58. Ann says:

    I am so sorry to learn the news about Raggles. I will miss seeing her at Ragdale. It was always lovely to see her sleeping on a chair and enjoying the peace and tranquillity. I do hope you will be filling the vacancy of resident pussy cat. RIP Raggles. Love Annxx

  59. Liz Crosland says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news, She always greeted us on our morning runs when we visited, She will be missed by us all xx

  60. Elizabeth Rivetz says:

    Such sad news. I was at Ragdale last year whilst visiting my family in England (I live in America) and I was there in May whilst the weather was really nice. I spent happy evenings with Raggles following my dinner. She is a lovely kitty and I know she will be very much missed by guests and staff alike.
    With love and affection to a lovely kitty xxx

  61. Gemma. says:

    So sad to hear that the lovely Raggles has passed away. What a beautiful cat. And a very special addition to Ragdale hall.So patient and always happy to be stroked! Mum and I will miss you on our next visit. Xx

  62. RIP Raggles. I used to wish you happy christmas every year and give you a little kiss. I will miss you but I’ll still visit your resting place and wish you a merry Christmas up in heaven. Goodnight poppet x

  63. Irene Warren says:

    Raggles had a lovely carefree life & was well looked after something all cats do not have. She will be missed. Sleep tight Raggles 🙁

  64. Anita says:

    Raggles, what comfort you were after we lost our own beloved cat. I hope our Ellie is looking out for you in the great garden in the sky.

  65. Julia says:

    So sorry to hear this news. I would always find her for a stroke and cuddle on my visits to Ragdale – she even let me share her chair 🙂 I will miss you Raggles. Rest well xx

  66. eileen knight says:

    So sad to hear about Raggles We will miss you

  67. Andrea Ingham says:

    We will really miss her presence at the front door in summer, and ready for a stroke in a comfy chair in the lounge in less clement weather!

  68. Krystina says:

    So sad, she brought that extra special something to ragdale! Will be truly missed. Won’t be the same without her there to greet us x

  69. debbie glass says:

    Oh poor Raggles, I am so very sad she was a gorgeous friendly cuddly cat. She always tolerated a tickle and cuddle, I will really miss her. Such a sad day xx

  70. Pat says:

    RIP Raggles, there are so many Ragdale ladies so will miss you so much.

  71. Mavis & Brian FitzGerald says:

    Always unflappable, always remembered.

  72. Sarah says:

    Sad news. She’ll be very much missed.

  73. Odette says:

    Goodbye lovely puss. x

  74. sue lewtas says:

    So sad, Raggles was always one of the highlights of my vists and the first thing I looked for, she will be missed greatly, she was the icing on Ragdales cake. RIP Raggles

  75. Val Blows says:

    When we arrive at Ragdale our first priority is to say hello to Raggles and then we check in – RIP Raggles xx

  76. Joy mitchell says:

    Raggles, such a gorgeous cool cat a big part of Ragdale who will be truly missed….RIP Raggles

  77. Linda says:

    What a shock to only find out today that I will not see and stroke lovely Raggles again!

  78. linda hobden says:

    Poor Raggles
    Such a beautiful cat and so laid back
    RIP Raggles

  79. Dee Reynolds says:

    Will miss dear Raggles!

  80. Kim Parker says:

    Such sad news.
    Run free Raggles.
    God Bless.

  81. Marianne Cusworth says:

    Dear Raggles-you will be sorely missed by everyone -it won’t be the same without you.
    Sleep peacefully
    Love Marianne

  82. Anne Devlin says:

    So sad to hear this news
    RIP sweet Raggles you will be sorely missed little one.
    Love Anne xx

  83. Anne Milner says:

    Raggles Ragdale will be not the same sleep well

  84. Susan Bennett says:

    RIP Raggles .. We also looked for you when coming to Ragdale Hall, we will check out your resting place now. Xx

  85. Steph says:

    Will miss you very much Raggles. The lounge is an emptier place without you. X

  86. Debbie says:

    So very sad to hear that Raggles has passed

  87. Kate says:

    Poor Raggles. We will miss you when we visit Ragdale this year! Rest in piece pussy cat. X

  88. Anne Leyland says:

    I am truly sorry to read about Raggles, I have actually had a little weep, she was definately a part of the Ragdale Hall experience

  89. Beryl Bradshaw says:

    Such sad news. Raggles really made Ragdale Hall feel like home. What a lovely well deserved home Raggles had. Will miss you on my next visit soon. xx

  90. Karen tebbutt says:

    The first thing we did on our Christmas stay was look for Raggles and there she was under the tree. RIP little one . It’s nice to know your still there.

  91. Teresa says:

    So sorry to hear about Raggles, it was always lovely to see her around! RIP my lovely along with Sweep my tabby who passed away in December, have fun together!xxx

  92. Sue and holly aisthorpe says:

    So so sad to read this, we always looked forward to seeing Raggles on our stay! We will miss not seeing him around!! X

  93. Alison Butterworth &Carolle Law says:

    Ahhh Raggles we all have to leave Ragdale sometime !! We will miss you very much and every time we drink from our Raggles relaxes china mug we will think of you and smile xxx

  94. Serena Reza says:

    Rest in peace beautiful HRH Raggles xx

  95. Diane McNulty says:

    Raggles had such a beautiful temperament and was always very tolerant of the fuss she received. I will miss seeing her when I visit.

  96. Susan and Rosalind says:

    Dearest Raggles it was always so comforting to see her in her favourite armchair, delightful little cat, we will miss her greatly. Will make a special point of finding her Camelia on our next visit.

  97. Ann says:

    Lovely Raggles! She will be sadly missed by my sister and I, we always sought her out on our annual visits. The memorial to her is a fitting gesture as she gave so much pleasure to lots of Ragdale guests xxx

  98. Janet Tustain says:

    My daughter and I will miss dear Raggles. I have my morning cup of tea in my Raggles cup everyday. Rest in peace Raggles x

  99. beryl pasfield says:

    Oh so sad to hear darling Raggles has passed over Rainbow bridge such a beautiful laid back cat so pleased I took lots of photos last time. RIP

  100. Debbie says:

    I am putting together a project about loss, bereavement and celebration in relation to losing an animal I would love people to come on board and share in this project

  101. Karen says:

    ‘Top Cat ‘ R.I.P. x

  102. Sally Finnis says:

    Such sad news…Raggles was adorable…i always seeked her out whenever i visited Ragdale…she made it extra special x

  103. Emma says:

    So sad to read about Raggles..I will miss saying hello when I come later in the year. Bless her, RIP x

  104. MARIAN PARKER says:

    There was definitely a “hole” at Ragdale this year without Raggles. She will be very much missed – I do hope another friendly feline will soon be in residence – Ragdale without a cat doesn’t seem quite right.

  105. Maggie and Maddie says:

    Raggles we loved you dearly.

  106. Elaine Stewart says:

    RIP Raffles. Be happy at Rainbow Bridge. xxxx

  107. Pauline Greene says:

    Bye bye lovely Raggles – we will miss you so much. On arrival we always checked in and then went to find you before going to our room. You were a very special part of the Ragdale experience and you will be missed by so many people. RIP little one xx

  108. Karen B says:

    We will miss Raggles. We only saw you in early December wandering around in reception and even bought a notebook with your picture on for a friend. xx

  109. Julie says:

    I treasure my mug of raggles please keep make in them . Love proved that beautiful cat xx she will be so missed.

  110. Sue George says:

    Reading the comments, Raggles left her little paw prints on so many hearts. I hope there is another little feline out there who will one day be able to enjoy the calm tranquil environment of Ragdale and all the love and fuss that every cat deserves. R.I.P. Little puss xx

  111. Jacky and Emma Robin says:

    We had the honour of meeting Raggles over New Year and she certainly made our stay more memorable and brought a smile to our faces whenever we saw her. We will remember her curled up under the Christmas tree with very fond memories. RIP Raggles at least she is at peace. We hope when you are ready that you might consider getting another cat, she is irreplaceable but so homely to walk in and see a cat wandering around.

  112. Veronica leith says:

    Poor Raggles-such a sweetie. We come every year, and it’ll feel strange not to see her next time. Rest in peace lovely Raggles-you’ll be missed!

  113. Janet Tustain says:

    My daughter and I will miss Raggles. Rest in peace.

  114. Susan says:

    RIP Raggles, you will be sorely missed xxx

  115. Gillian Wilson says:

    Poor Raggles. I think of her each time I use my Raggles mug. RIP

  116. Anne Ives says:

    Rest in peace Raggles, my daughter and I will miss you on our next visit, a really lovely pussy cat.xxx

  117. Cherry Baker says:

    I realise I didn’t see Raggers when visiting you a few weeks ago . Will be missed l.

  118. Sylvia Day says:

    So sad to hear about Raggles; she will be sorely missed by myself and my sister, Sarah. We always looked out for her whenever we came to Ragdale Hall and sure enough, she would be on her favourite chair. RIP Raggles.

  119. Angela Carter says:

    Just got home today from my latest visit to Ragdale and I missed Raggles very much, she provided me with my kitty fix while away from my own two cats. Blessed Be lovely lady and thanks for all the cuddles and strokes over the years xxx >^..^<

  120. The Holding Family says:

    So sad to hear about Raggles. We thought she looked a bit under the weather when we were at Ragdale for New Year. Whats going to happen to her own special chair in the lounge!

  121. Melanie says:

    Will really miss her when we come to visit next month, we always found her for a fuss, but glad that she won’t be suffering xx

  122. Grace and I are so sad to hear about Raggles, always a special part of our visit to see her. Our condolences to all the staff at Ragdale who if we are this sad must be devastated.

  123. Mary & Manjeet Seehra says:

    As celebrity cats go little Raggles is in the top league. Her countless fans, customers & staff alike will miss her terribly but what a life to celebrate. Bless her.

  124. Diane Barlow says:

    Dear Raggles, you will be very much missed, so looked forward to seeing you at each visit, you welcomed us all.

  125. Jill says:

    Dear Raggles, such sad news. You were a lovely sweet natured girl who has left paw prints on a lot of people’s hearts. I loved to have cuddles with you and see you settled in your chair. You always looked so proud to greet people at the door and you were a great character. I will miss you very much but you’ll never be forgotten xx

  126. Kim says:

    Mum and I were so sorry to hear the news about Raggles. We always looked out for her when we came to stay and it just wont be the same without her. You will be very sadly missed Raggles. xx

  127. Steve says:

    How very sad. My Wife and I visited Ragdale Hall on a number of occasions, and my wife always looked forward to spending time with Raggles. We often thought Raggles aloof, however my wife was so pleased that Raggles chose to sit on my wife’s lap on our last visit. My wife passed away on Tuesday.

  128. Lucy and Rebecca says:

    Poor old Raggles, but what a wonderful life she must have had at ragdale – the most pampered cat ever!

  129. KULVINDER says:


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