Raggles in retirement

Jan 23, 2015
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Lots seems to have happened already in 2015 but the one thing most people seem to be talking about is the whereabouts of Raggles, Ragdale’s resident feline.

Usually a familiar face around our reception area, Raggles the cat has recently been conspicuous by her absence. She has in fact been a bit under the weather and over the last few weeks has received some treatment, throughout which she’s been looked after by dedicated members of Ragdale staff.

While we were hoping Raggles would soon be back to welcome new guests and purr at our many regular visitors, we’ve been advised by her vet that she’s ready for a more relaxed pace of life. So, Raggles has retired from active duty at Ragdale.

Rest assured, however, she’s certainly not left the Ragdale family – she’s now happily living with a member of the Ragdale team, Hugh Wilson – Hotel Operations Director, who’s reported she’s settled in very well (although does spend a lot of her time sleeping so we’re rather jealous!)

We hear she’s befriended the pig doorstop but is still working on mastering the cat flap, and she’s taken a liking to having her daily thyroid tablet on a small piece of cheese.

We’re sure many of our guests will miss making a fuss of and being fussed by Raggles, but know you’ll all agree she’s earned her retirement and will hopefully have a long and happy one!

37 responses to “Raggles in retirement”

  1. Beth Morris says:

    Happy Retirement Raggles, well deserved! Thank you for being one of the familiar friendly faces when we visited, happy sleeping

  2. Elaine Bateman says:

    Bless the old girl. I wish her many happy days in her retirement home.

  3. Maureen H says:

    Thank you for this update. My daughter and I always look for Raggles each day when we visit Ragdale and will miss her now she has retired.

  4. Sara says:

    Raggles will be very much missed, I wish her peace and happiness in her retirement x

  5. Cheryl says:

    Bless her! Enjoy your retirement Raggles may it be a long and happy one. I shall miss giving you a fuss on my visits.

  6. Iris says:

    Raggles will be much missed but we wish her a long and happy retirement.

  7. Paula says:

    My friend Deb and I will miss Raggles when we come. Both if us have become cat servants in 2014 – rhubarb (Russian blue) kitten for Deb and Mimi ( black Burmese cross) and Quinn (stripey ginger tom) kittens for me. Not that you would try to replace Raggles but will there be another kitty? Adds to the relaxing atmosphere of Ragdale

  8. Fiona Holmes says:

    Aw …..I shall miss seeing Raggles on my next visit with my besties but would like to wish him a long and happy retirement …..well earned. Hope Hartley Hare is still there when we come in August! Xx

  9. polly robinson-Gill says:

    will really miss him, think a large framed photo of him in reception xx enjoy retirement raggles, miss our little chats, polly x

  10. Hilary says:

    So sorry to hear that Raggles has been under the weather and hope the slower pace of life suits her. I’ll certainly miss her on my next visit. Thanks for the update – hope there’ll be many more!

  11. Steph says:

    Will miss seeing Raggles around on my visits but, at a certain time of life, we all need a bit P&Q and less fussing! Wishing Raggles a long & pampered retirement

  12. Clare says:

    Ah.. will miss Raggles next time I visit, glad I got to say hello when I visited in December. Wishing her a pampered retirement.

  13. sue lewtas says:

    Just returned from my annual visit to Ragdale, missed seeing Raffles, first thing I always do on arrival is look for her to say hello and get reacquainted, hope she has a long and happy retirement. I too think a picture of her in the reception area would be a lovely idea.

  14. paula says:

    Will really miss her. She is the spitting image of my lovely first cat Flippy! Saw Raggles had lost weight in December. Happy retirement!

  15. Lesley & Peter Allen says:

    Noticed she wasn’t around much in December. We are going to miss this little lady. Enjoy your retirement Raggles!

  16. Helen Skidmore says:

    So glad I got some cuddles earlier this month before her retirement. Enjoy a more sedate pace of life out of the public eye little furry one!

  17. Lucy Hateley says:

    I hope Raggles has a very happy retirement. She will be missed and it won’t quite be the same without her 🙁

  18. fiona dodd says:

    Happy retirement Raggles

  19. Deborah Allsop says:

    i have been wondering why I hadn’t seen Raggles. Everyone will miss her being around Ragdale, enjoy your retirement Raggles!

  20. Julie Bell says:

    We are coming to the Hall for a few days from Monday 26th January and we would have been wondering where Raggles was. Who will sit in her chair now?!

  21. Jan McIntyre says:

    Ah poor Raggles. We look forward to seeing her when we visit Ragdale. Hope she has a happy retirement.

  22. Patricia Elwis says:

    Won’t be the same without a little cuddle from puss, hope she settles and is loved lots x

  23. di ward says:

    she will be missed. Can I apply to replace her-what better job than chilling at Ragdale!

  24. Karen says:

    Enjoy your retirement Raggles !! Will miss you on my next visit

  25. Glennis says:

    Will certainly miss Raggles when we next visit in April. Wishing her a long and happy retirement.

  26. Julie price says:

    Hope raggles enjoys her retirement. Will be missed on our next visit.

  27. Alison Thunder says:

    Raggles you will be missed wondering around the hall and and adding a touch of warmth.enjoy your new home.

  28. Hazel says:

    Raggles Lounge will just not be the same, we always look out for her and will be missed but wish her a very long and happy retirement.

  29. Jane says:

    Will miss her xxxxx

  30. Jo says:

    Enjoy your retirement Raggles, we will miss you x

  31. Jayne says:

    Will miss raggles when I next visit, loved to see him relaxing in the lounge, but wish him health and happiness xx

  32. Yvonne Greenwood says:

    Enjoy your retirementRaggles we will all miss you when we come and stay love Yvonne, Karen, Carol and Sue xx xx

  33. julia williams says:

    Enjoy retirement Raggles. Hopefully we will see you on a relaxing spa day yourself sometime soon. Xx

  34. Kate Hooley says:

    I am so pleased I managed to give Rattles lots of fuss on my last, it wont seem the same without her. I to agree that a nice photo in reception would be a great idea, also perhaps Rattles new dad could post some updates and photos on the website and newsletter for us all! Will miss you pretty kitty x x

  35. Wendy Swindells says:

    You’ll be sadly missed Raggles when we return again this year. It won’t be the same mot sering you. Enjoy your retirement. Cuddles xx

  36. Maureen says:

    We came at the end of September/beginning of October 2014 and having asked about Raggles, knew that she hadn’t been well. We were amazed at her weight loss. So glad that we took a little video of her snoozing under a bush by the front door, then stretching and nearly being girded into action by a fluttering moth, she gave it a lazy half-hearted swipe but it flew off. We will be able to look at that video whenever we want. We will miss her.

  37. Denise says:

    I met Raggles on my very first visit in December (2014). I was looking forward to seeing her again. Never mind, she deserves a long and happy retirement, being well looked after, with lots of cuddles. X

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