Ragdale Hall ‘Relax’ spa product range in M&S stores!

Feb 22, 2013
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Ragdale Hall’s newly launched range of ‘Relax’ spa products are now in larger M&S stores around the nation.

Studies have shown that lavender can slow down the nervous system which is why it is the main ingredient in all the range.

The range consists of six products:

Calming Bath Essence £7.50

Relax Restful Pillow Mist £5.00

Relax Intense Overnight Hand Cream £6.00

Body Butter £9.50

Temple Balm £4.00

Creamy Body Wash £6.00

The Calming Bath Essence was recently reviewed in Woman magazine in a feature ‘Everyday Pampering Treats’, they said ‘it combines sleep – inducing lavender with sage and geranium to really relax the senses.  Add it to your bath and soak for at least half an hour.  Less than that and you won’t fully switch off’. This product will shortly be available in Ragdale’s Beauty Shop.

M&S also have a range of Ragdale hall gifts for the Spring, including two ‘treatments-in-a-box’ Heavenly Hands and Fabulous Feet, both £12. Each pretty box includes the products and equipment to carry out your own spa ritual in the comfort of your home and includes a step by step procedure and top tips from Ragdale’s therapists.

In addition there is a Mini Spa Pamper Set at £7.50 and a pretty cotton cosmetic bag including a Shower Gel and Body Lotion for £12.

To purchase these products visit the M&S Beauty pages online and at Ragdale Hall’s Beauty Shop.

5 responses to “Ragdale Hall ‘Relax’ spa product range in M&S stores!”

  1. Sue Hyams says:


    Congratulations on your 20 years – its been fabulous seeing you over such a long period of time – I remember you right from the beginning putting me through hell in the gym (always with a smile though!!!!) and now the face that welcomes me as I walk through the doors of MY OWN PERSONAL piece of heaven – Ragdale.!!!

    Heres to the next 20 Penny !!!!

    Love and best wishes


  2. I think that all the staff are great at Ragdale. My daughter and I go there each Christmas time and feel so refreshed and happy and relaxed after our lovely time there.
    It is good to read about the staff and their time there and I am sure they all enjoy it as much as we do and will go on doing so. The atmosphere is wonderful.

  3. Deborah Henderson says:


    So lovely to see Jenny she always greets us like family, we just love her. My mother and I try to come at least once a year and its a joy every single time we are never disapointed. so weel done Jenny and everyone at Ragdale.

  4. Tracy says:

    Hi thank you for your lovely comments. I will ensure they are passed onto the Team and particularly Jenny and Penny.

  5. For Penny:

    Thanks for 20 years of punishment and pleasure Penny. I started to come to Ragdale one year after you started. You put me through my paces in the studio and then what a wonderful welcome I received from you when you moved to Guest Liaison. I’m always greeted like an old friend but now you’ve started to wind down I’ve not seen you for my last 3 visits. I arrive this Sunday 5 May and would love to have one more cuddle at least. Congratulations on reaching this milestone and please don’t leave just yet. Ragdale wouldn’t be the same without you!!

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