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We read about plastic pollution in the news, and many of us have seen the worrying images of plastic waste floating in our oceans.

In a bid to do our part in tackling this worldwide environmental issue, our team has been busy putting in place new procedures as part of a long-term commitment to reduce the quantity of single-use plastic we use and to support a more sustainable future.

water in plastic cup

If you’ve stayed overnight at Ragdale Hall over the past month you might have noticed that plastic cups have now been removed from water machines in bedroom corridors.

All bedrooms in the Hall are provided with a water jug which can be filled from any of the water machines, or from any of the bars. Our Boutique and Gift Shop also sell a range of reusable water bottles, so there’s plenty of options to keep you fully hydrated throughout your stay.

Ragdale Hall Managing Director David Hamdorff said: “Up until recently, the Hall was using 10,600 single-use plastic cups a week.

“While we do recycle our plastic waste, removing plastic cups at water machines around the Hall is one of the simplest ways our guests can contribute to plastic reduction when staying with us.

“The response from guests so far has been incredibly supportive, and we’re looking forward to rolling this out to more areas of the Hall including our staff canteen, and treatment rooms.

“As part of our ‘green vision’ we’re making conscious steps to reduce single-use plastic around the Hall, and we hope guests will continue to join us in our ongoing mission to support global efforts to reduce environmental impact.”


  • Alison Roberts says:

    We will be bringing our own foldable Silicone cups next time we visit for use around the spa.

  • Gill Hewitt says:

    At last you are doing something positive about the use of your plastic cups – 10,600 single use plastic cups a week is totally unacceptable. Our group of 6 now bring our own mugs, let’s hope you can get the message over to the rest of your customers .
    Gill Hewitt.

  • Janice Rudd says:

    I’m very glad to see you are taking action in this way. I’m looking forward to my visit in November and am more than happy to bring my reusable beaker.

  • Alison Hughes says:

    It is really positive to hear this. Perhaps Ragdale could consider a complimentary water bottle for guests? I also wonder about similar measures you may have in place for managing water consumption and wider recycling measures?

  • Diana Porter says:

    I’ve always brought a water bottle and refilled at the water points, its a good habit wherever you are. It could go on your arrival info sheets as a reminder…

    • Bridget Batchelor says:

      Well done! We also bring our own water bottles. I support Alison Hughes’ suggestion of a complimentary water bottle, to encourage those less well-organised, but also as a good marketing ploy – it could get Ragdale’s name into a lot of gyms, class and running groups!

  • Hilary Cole says:

    My friend and I did our bit when we were at Ragdale for 3 nights in January by each carrying around a plastic cup and using it throughout our stay. Maybe something you could encourage all guests to do?

  • Kay McFarlane says:

    I agree with the comment above about the complementary water bottle.. more likely to be used beyond the trip than the flip flops.
    And good publicity….

  • Sandra Lau says:

    Really pleased to hear this news. We always bring water bottles with us!!!

  • Kate Pace says:

    Think a Ragdale water bottle is a great idea. Perhaps the choice of bottle or flip flops. Either way congratulations on reducing plastics.

  • Jean Miller says:

    So pleased you are getting rid of the plastic cups , it is mind boggling how many you have been using !
    I would rather have a complimentary waterbottle than the flip flops now left in the bedrooms , or just request guests to bring their own mug / bottle to use while staying .

  • Anne Barker says:

    Agree with other comments would much rather have water bottle than flip flops but definitely good move on stopping all those plastic cups.

    • Nicki Mason says:

      We have always brought our own water bottles with us when we come to stay and think it’s a great move to remove the single use plastic cups. Well done fully supported by me and my sister. Looking forward to our annual visit in 2 weeks time.

  • Sharon says:

    As a long term annual visitor to Ragdale I’m over the moon about your decision to remove the plastic cups and look forward to many more ‘single use plastic removal initiatives’! Not sure about the complimentary water bottles though as carrying water in plastic containers can cause leaching of harmful chemicals from the plastic into the water. How about sourcing beauty products that are not packaged in plastic? I would definitely choose such products for my treatments if they were available.

  • Anne Maskell says:

    Heartily agree with previous people. I would definitely prefer a water bottle instead of the flip flops, which I can’t use because of peripheral neuropathy in my feet.

  • Patricia Murphy says:

    Well done, Ragdale, we are all trying to reduce our plastic usage – maybe forgo the flip flops or plastic bottles – or offer an alternative product made from bamboo fibre or something biodegradable.
    Even items made from recycled plastic are still plastic and will eventually add to the problem.

  • Sandi Deakin says:

    I agree, the choice of complimentary water bottle or flip flops is a great idea !

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