Ragdale Hall is celebrating 40 years as one of the UK’s leading spas!

Jun 10, 2013
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The history and heritage of the spa industry is largely uncharted, despite the current boom …………  so, read on to see where it all started!

When in 1973 Ragdale Hall first opened its doors as a health hydro, the cost of a weeks stay was £60 and guests were allowed 500 calories per day!  How times have changed!

Guests that visited us then, and still visit us today (and there are lots of them!) will say that although the facilities and services on offer have evolved over the years, the core values Ragdale Hall’s reputation was built upon remain the same, which is why, thankfully, so many return.

Over the last 40 years, we’ve witnessed the end of the Vietnam War, the first female Prime Minister, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Olympics being hosted on home turf and of course the boom in all things digital from mobile phones to Facebook.  But whilst our lives have changed dramatically over this period, one thing firmly remains and that is the ever-so-chilled atmosphere and the unique care and friendliness offered to guests at Ragdale Hall.

For a further insight into the history and heritage of the spa industry, here’s a snippet from our timeline (click for full version or see attached full version detailing the history of Ragdale Hall from 1973 to the present day)……

To celebrate our anniversary we are offering a special Ruby Anniversary Spa Break to our guests.  The perfect relaxing break 2013 style! 

So here’s to the future!

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