Ragdale Hall flip flop competition

Sep 19, 2017
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This summer we’ve been asking our guests how well travelled their Ragdale Hall flip flops are.

The idea of the competition started when we received a picture from Jackie Adams after her holiday in the Caribbean. The picture was of her Ragdale Hall flip flops laying on the sand of a beautiful Caribbean beach soaking up the sun.

This got us wondering……..were hers the most travelled Ragdale Hall flip flops?

We’ve been encouraging our guests to take, and share with us, pictures of their Ragdale Hall flip flops while on their holidays or when visiting different locations, and it would appear Ragdale Hall flip flops are quite the Globe Trotters.

The inventiveness of our guests never ceases to amaze us and the fabulous, faraway places some of you have been is pretty impressive, from; making wishes at the Trevi Fountain, to hanging out with pink flamingos in Palm Springs, and visiting Micky Mouse in Florida, to exploring the Taj Mahal and swimming with Manta Rays in Australia, to being the go to piece of footwear during an evacuation when the Kos earthquake hit!

It was a very difficult decision to decide the winner as the photos were fabulous and the stories that followed were just as great.

Our owners Penny Nesbitt and Michael Isaacs have so enjoyed judging it and want to thank everyone who entered, especially those who put so much effort into their entries.

The winner of the competition is Julie Matthews whose picture was taken on holiday in France. This was chosen as Michael and Penny loved the matching colours of the bucket and flip flops, they also thought the Ragdale connection with the pedicure was great. Not to mention how brave Julie was painting her nails on the beach!


5 Runners up also received a £25 gift voucher.

Polly Sellicks, with her impressive snap outside of the Taj Mahal.

Hilary Wright, being resourceful and bringing the beach to her garden.

Sarah Clegg, showing off her perfect pedicure in Croatia.

Jacqui Stanley, timing her shot perfectly watching Dolphins in the Atlantic.

Laura Kinnear, with her colourful entry in Palm Springs.

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