Ragdale Hall Exclusive Dessert Inspired Treatments

Aug 16, 2011
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Healthy skin begins with what you put in your body. Ever heard the saying ‘you are what you eat’? Eating natural organic food gives your skin that dermatological edge. We know what we eat has a lot to do with maintaining healthy skin, nails and hair.

Many foods have many nutrients that are typically good for your skin. It is important to treat the skin inside and out! Organic skincare has come a long way over the last decade, with a wide array of products designed to treat every skin type.

Over 10 years ago Ragdale Hall’s expert therapists designed some of their own delicious treatments using natural ingredients!

Ragdale’s favourite ingredients:

Great Exfoliants

Sesame seeds, sea salts mixed with citrus oil

This combination of ingredients creates an uplifting, invigorating body scrub. The sesame seeds and sea salt will eliminate dead skin cells promoting cell renewal, while the blend of citrus essential oils will brighten and give sheer radiance to the skin!

Oats and bran mixed with lemon oil

Oats and bran have exceptional dermatological benefits, when used on various skin conditions. They relieve skin irritations, itching, redness, and general skin sensitivity. These ingredients soothe and calm the skin. Oats and Bran make a great emollient which thoroughly moisturises that is great for dry and flaky skin. The lemon oil refreshes, hydrates and reduces dullness leaving the skin radiantly smooth.

Deliciously moisturising ingredients:


Honey promotes the hydration of the skin and body quicker than other emollient-based products. Medical journals have recorded more than 600 cases in which honey was applied to wounds and has prevented infections better than other medical antiseptics. Honey has been regarded as a wonderful gift of nature. It has antimicrobial agents which prevent infections by killing bacteria. It has powerful heating properties.

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is widely used in skincare moisturisers. It is high in essential fats which make it a fantastic skin softener. Coconut milk suits all skin types even the most sensitive, as it is deeply nourishing, especially for the driest of skins. Coconut milk is also a great remedy for dandruff and dry course hair.

Pineapple and Bananas

The combination of bananas and pineapples act as a fantastic natural exfoliant. They have natural fruit enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells without scrubbing. Banana helps the skin maintain its optimal natural moisture barrier. A gentle no abrasive exfoliant for sensitive skin.


Avocado is frequently used in skincare as it is rich in vitamin A,B,D and E. Avocado is renowned its amazing regenerative properties as it can restructure the epidermis. Avocado is a natural sunscreen, a powerful moisturiser, packed full with anti-oxidants and is particularly good for repairing scar tissue.

Ragdale offers a cocktail of deliciously smooth body treats using natural oils:

Avocado and Lemon Reviver

70 minutes £61.00

To freshen the skin an enlivening blend of bran, oats, avocado oil and lemon essential oil are applied to form an invigorating scrub. Then a concoction of sumptuous warm avocados mixed with the juice of grapefruits is smoothed onto the body to moisturise, brighten and firm the skin.

Whilst cocooned in the wrap, a relaxing scalp massage and soothing eye massage combined with a Chamomile eye pillow will release tension and improve relaxation, allowing the magic of nature to work its wonders on your body. After a shower the body is thoroughly re-moisturised, leaving your skin glowing and healthy and your tensions eased.

Caribbean Fruit Wrap

55 minutes £53.00

The Caribbean Fruit Wrap is an exotic treatment during which you will experience the uplifting essential oils of sweet orange and lime and benefit from the warmth of cinnamon and brown sugar in the scrub. The lush fruits of the Caribbean, in this natural balance treatment, are pineapple and banana, which along with coconut milk, will enrich your skin and provide fantastic healing benefits. These super exotic fruits will both naturally hydrate and soothe tired and parched skin, whilst you are suspended in the dry flotation.

Milk and Honey Body Glow Flotation

55 minutes £53.00

This effective treatment begins with a powerful and enlivening scrub of sesame seeds and salt. Then nature’s nectar, pure honey is mixed with sesame and milk and applied all over the body. A relaxing scalp massage helps to soothe away tension whilst you are weightless on the dry flotation. This treatment is personalised by your choice of aromatherapy blend used during the treatment. Choose from energising, relaxing, floral or citrus depending on your mood.

If you have already booked a spa day or spa break at Ragdale Hall and fancy one of the above treatments, click on the names of them to book.

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