Ragdale Hall – 10th Make It Happen Awards

Oct 01, 2014
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Ragdale Hall and the Melton Times have recently launched the 10th Make It Happen Awards.

Make It Happen is a community chest of £10,000 that allows local groups and organisations to bid for an amount of money.  Requests are made for a variety of different things – from equipment to days out or to repair work.  The money benefits all kinds of people from toddlers to the elderly.

Here’s what David Hamdorff, Ragdale Hall’s Managing Director had to say about Make It Happen’s 10th year…

“Ragdale Hall is really excited to be involved in the 10th Make It Happen awards. It really feels as though the awards have become part of the local framework now and something that can be relied upon each year. The variety of applications we have received over the years is amazing and we always look forward to receiving them and hearing about the incredible work being done in the area.

Looking back over the last 10 years we have been able to make 200 awards to over 100 different organisations and by the time we complete this cycle we will have donated in excess of £100,000. We would like to think that this has left a lasting impression on the local community but we couldn’t achieve anything without the groups themselves and we are under no illusions that the real heroes are the people running the schemes and initiatives. The awards evening also gives us an opportunity to celebrate their work.

Ragdale Hall has been operating for over 40 years and has so much to thank the local community for. Most of our 500 employees come from the local area and a large proportion of our customers so it is great to be able to give something back. It has also been exciting to see the good work that has been done with donations from the scheme over the years and we enjoy reading about these initiatives once they are underway in the Melton Times.

I do hope we get a record number of applications this year and that maybe some of the schemes that have been successful or otherwise in the past will give it another shot.”

If you are local to the area and run a sports club, support group or other worthy cause more details on how to bid can be found in the Melton Times (out every Thursday).

The application deadline is 10th November.  The bids will then be submitted to our staff who vote for the recipients.  The recipients will then be decided on 22nd November.  These recipients will be awarded their money at an awards evening on 4th December.

Good luck to all those who place a bid.

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