Pregorexic or pampered – which sort of mum-to-be would you rather be?

Apr 20, 2009
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You only need to pick up a glossy women’s magazine to see that spas are continuing to enjoy huge popularity in the UK, despite the much-publicised recession.

And amongst the ever-growing list of available spa treatments which can be enjoyed during a residential or day spa experience, there are many specially adapted treatments to help mums-to-be to feel good about themselves – and their bumps.

So if you’re in the second or third trimester of your pregnancy and you feel in need of a pampering pick-me-up, it could be worth your while dropping a few (not too) subtle hints to the father-to-be or grandparents-to-be about the special gifts available from leading spas, including treatments specially formulated for pregnant women.

Spa gifts and gift vouchers are an extremely convenient solution for anyone on the look out for original birthday, anniversary or Christmas present ideas, as being pampered is certain to go down a treat – especially in the case of mothers-to-be who may be beginning to feel a tad more balloon-like than blooming.

Most reputable spas offer a range of relaxing pregnancy treatments which are ideal gifts for mums-to-be, giving them a much-appreciated opportunity to indulge themselves and feel at ease with their changing bodies.

After all, as expectant mum Louise Redknapp soon found out during filming for the recently shown ITV programme “The Truth about Super Skinny Pregnancies”, learning to accept these changes is one of the pre-requisites for a happy, healthy pregnancy.

While interviewing pregnant women for the programme Louise uncovered a new eating disorder that has joined the familiar list of anorexia, bulimia and compulsive overeating, namely pregorexia.

As modern malaises go, this latest disorder is perhaps even more disturbing than all the others put together, for pregorexia can endanger the health not only of mums-to-be but also, more alarmingly, of their vulnerable unborn babies who are powerless to protest.

Put in its simplest terms, the definition of pregorexia is an eating disorder which affects women during pregnancy. Put more complexly, the pregorexics featured in the programme were pregnant women who were basically starving themselves to avoid the weight gain normally associated with pregnancy.

Surely this must be one of the worst manifestations yet of the damaging pressures which our image-obsessed modern society places on women.

Louise Redknapp interviewed a range of pregorexia sufferers to explore why celebrities and ordinary women alike feel driven to take such drastic measures to remain doggedly slim throughout pregnancy, and are desperate to regain their pre-pregnancy figure as soon as possible after the birth.

Sadly, it rapidly became evident to both presenter and viewers that the pursuit of a weight-gain-free pregnancy is yet another case of vanity triumphing over good sense in a world where we are conditioned to believe that image is everything.

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