Post-festive pampering – just what you need to face the new year

Dec 27, 2009
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After a festive period essentially spent relaxing more and working (at least a little) less than usual, whilst sharing fun and games with family and friends and generally having a good time, you’d think that we’d all enter the New Year on sparkling top form.

Surely such a welcome break should have left our skin glowing, our energy restored and our constitution returned to that of an ox? Surely we should bounce out of bed on our first day back at work, oozing enthusiasm and filled with inspirational ideas for new projects that will set the world (or at least our department) on fire?

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

For after a couple of weeks cram-packed with social functions, late nights, entertaining (un)welcome house guests, long-distance relative pilgrimages, being pleasant to all-comers (albeit through gritted teeth on occasion) and, just possibly, eating and drinking far too much… all that some of us are fit for is another holiday!

So what’s the solution? Well, of course, what you really need is some sort of superhero who can restore your complexion to its silky former self, sooth your shredded nerves and boost your battered energy levels – all in the blink of an eye.

Sounding unlikely? Well, granted it may take more than one superhero to undo the ravages of the festive period.  But the job can be done.  And the first step is to book yourself in for a selection of luxurious, pampering treatments at one of the country’s leading spa health resorts.

You’ll be spoilt for choice as you survey the list of beauty treatments available – ranging from simple facials and manicures through to the fascinating Lava Shell massage or the mysterious Madagascan Red Island Ritual.

The joy of spas is that they have something to suit everyone. For in these havens of indulgent pampering and relaxation, you’ll find a host of expert therapists and a myriad of magical health and beauty treatments, all aimed at helping you discover a new you (or, if you prefer, to rediscover the old you!).

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