Post-exam treats for you and your daughter

Jun 20, 2013
Posted in: Spa Offers   Posted by: Tracy

Having a stroppy teenager around is hard enough at the best of times never mind when exams are on their way.  Even after all the exams are done you’re left with one very tired and worried daughter who won’t know for months how she’s got on.

That’s why the end of the exam season is the ideal time to take your hard-working daughter away for a break.  Booking one of our Mother and Daughter packages means that not only are you treating her, you’re getting a bit of relaxation time yourself after helping her through it all.

We have a couple of great packages, both of which will allow the pair of you to relax and unwind and that will stop you having to listen to your daughter worry about how well she did for a little while!  If time is a little limited then come and visit us for our Clarins Mother and Daughter Day. You will be treated to a Serenity facial, a lovely lunch, a skincare consultation, full use of all of our facilities and a great Clarins gift.

If you have a little more time then you could come for a longer stay and indulge in our Mother and Daughter Break. This two night stay will allow you both to really unwind, make full use of all of our facilities and includes a Pure Bliss Facial or a Relaxing Back and Face Therapy as well as all your meals.

Not only will a break with us help your daughter to relax and unwind after all the stress, it’ll take her mind off the nerves that follow and win you some brownie points to keep you in her good books until the results arrive.


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