Perfect gifts for girls – spa breaks

Aug 10, 2009
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Choosing Christmas and birthday gifts for ladies of any age can be a real challenge. There’s always the risk of getting it wrong and buying a present that the recipient isn’t too fond of or – worse still – that she actively dislikes!

So once you’ve exhausted the list of usual suspects – chocolates, perfume, a wok, more chocolates, a fancy food processor, CDs, jewellery, more chocolates… – then it’s definitely time for a change.  So what should you try next?  The answer is short and simple: spa.

The UK’s leading spas provide an extensive choice of traditional and modern activities and therapies, creating a mind-boggling array of potential pampering options which will cater to every requirement and taste.  So there’s guaranteed to be something that your lucky spa-goer will like.

Perhaps her idea of heaven is luxuriating in a pleasantly warm swimming pool and then spending 15 sanitising minutes in the sauna. Or maybe her personal paradise consists of being put through her paces in an action-packed aerobics workout.  Or maybe she’d rather be treated to a neck massage or a facial.

If you’d like to treat your wife, girlfriend, mum, granny, aunt, daughter or best friend to a truly luxurious spa experience, you can do just that by buying them vouchers for pampering spa breaks which can include invigorating activities as well as indulgent treatments.

Spa vouchers are the ultimate flexible gift, since they allow your chosen recipients to select the treatments or products they wish to purchase with their gift vouchers.  They’ll also be able to choose a day that fits in with their home or work schedule.

When you buy a spa break for a special lady in your life, you can be sure that your gift will be rapturously received. Members of the fairer sex tend to be only too pleased to be given an opportunity to relax completely and let the stresses and cares of family and professional life simply melt away…

Which is decidedly more appealing than receiving a bottle of your least favourite perfume – or yet another food processor.

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  1. Kate Groves says:

    Wanting to buy a 2 day break for my brother’s 60 th

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