Our NEW Sound Healing treatment will reset and relax your body and mind

Jan 22, 2020
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A new year marks a new treatment and the exciting development of our wellness offering here at Ragdale Hall Spa!

Say hello to Sound Healing, a unique and innovative treatment that stimulates your body and mind with sound, specially created by our expert Wellness Team.

We sent our Digital Marketing Assistant, Holly, to trial out the new treatment to give us her verdict.

“This treatment begins with gentle stretches to the head, shoulders, arms and legs which is performed by the therapist. This is done to prepare the body for the experience of sound.

“After the gentle stretches, the therapist dimmed the lights and started to vibrate the singing bowls.”

As the body is mostly made up of water, the vibrations made by the singing bowl create vibrations inside our body which cause our body to emit alpha and theta brain waves in synchronicity with the vibrations emanating from the singing bowl. These vibrations help to restore, optimise and balance the flow of energy to the parts of the body and mind where this is needed and creates an experience of being ‘in the zone’.

In Ayurvedic medicine, illness is caused by disharmony within the body so when the body and mind are healthy, they vibrate in harmony, which is what Sound Healing is designed to do.

“During the treatment, the sound was bouncing from wall to wall. It felt as though I was in a surround sound cinema but in my own little bubble.

“The only phrase I could use to describe this treatment is out of this world! It felt like I wasn’t in the room. The treatment left me feeling instantly relaxed and calm, ready to face the world again.”

Asides from promoting deep relaxation, other benefits to this treatment include reducing stress and anxiety, improving circulation and stimulating the immune system.

“If you’re looking to have an experience like no other, Sound Healing is definitely one to try out!”

This treatment lasts 30 minutes and costs £39.

To book this treatment for your next visit, or to find out more, click here or call our Treatment Advice Line today on 01664 433043.

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