Nine reasons why Pilates could be good for YOU

Sep 08, 2017
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 Whether you’re a beginner, regularly practice Pilates or would just like to try something new, this break really concentrates on bringing out the healthiest version of you.


Shela Done, one of the leaders for our Pilates Break.

We’ve spoken to our Fitness Consultant, Dean Hodgkin, and he has given us nine reasons why you could benefit from giving Pilates a try.

He says: “It really doesn’t matter what your age, shape, fitness level and exercise experience are because the slow and controlled movements focus on being aware of your body- which means that anyone can do it”.

If you’ve been craving that flat stomach but you don’t want to spend ages crunching or planking (and we understand why), Pilates is great for toning your abdominal muscles, and it will also help you improve your posture, making you look leaner and taller.

Practicing Pilates boosts your concentration skills which will help you when you want to tackle those tedious tasks and will help you perform better at work, rest and play. And, did you know that Pilates can even help improve your quality of sleep- which is great for people who have trouble relaxing at night.

If you suffer from those annoying aches and pains in your back, practicing Pilates will help reduce them as it will strengthen the core muscles that support your spine. It will also increase your flexibility, keeping your body functioning as it was designed to. Also, it can surprisingly enhance your immune system, helping you fend off those irritable coughs and colds

To say, ‘It reduces stress’, sounds like a miracle. But believe it or not, Pilates really does help relieve some of that tension you are feeling by stimulating the release of your feel-good endorphins. 

And what better way to enjoy reaping all these benefits than combining three days of dedicated Pilates exercise with the pampering luxury that is the renowned Ragdale experience – a truly blissful approach to improving your health and fitness.”

We still have a handful of places on the 2017 Pilates Breaks, why not visit our website for more information or to book your place call our Reservations Team on 01664 433000.


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