NEW Verandah Lounge Unveiled!

Apr 16, 2019
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We’re very excited to announce that we have given our Verandah Lounge a full refurbishment!

Complete with snazzy wallpaper and new furnishings, we’re confident this space will soon become guests’ new favourite place to relax and unwind…

We caught up with Guests Services Manager Nicola Hansard for the lowdown on the new look. Nicola said: “The main driving force behind this refurbishment was to modernise the space and brighten the room up a little more.

“Being adjacent to the Verandah Bar, it’s a popular relaxation area for guests’ post-lunch and dinner, and it was always our intention to bring the new design more in line with the Verandah Bar refurbishment which took place in 2016.

“In terms of the look and feel, working with our interior designer, Liz Millington, we opted to retain the comfort and style, but bring in new furnishings and a brand-new colour scheme.

“We’ve changed everything from the flooring to wall covering, lighting and furniture. Some of the more popular pieces of furniture in the room have been refurbished and reupholstered to match the new style, because we know how much our guests loved them.

“The wallpaper is one of the room’s more striking features. As well as lifting and brightening the space, it’s quirky and different. The wallpaper was actually one of the first elements of the room to be decided on, and the rest of the scheme was designed around it.”

The wallpaper (available from Cole & Son and recently featured in Good Housekeeping Magazine) comes from a charming and stylish new range of wallpapers and borders from Ardmore, in collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art celebrating African traditions and culture. The collection explores Africa’s exotic flora and majestic fauna: from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware.

Nicola went onto say, “We worked with Whitehead Designs of Nottingham for all of the furnishings, with an aim to compliment the overall look and feel of the room.  On the walls, we also have some very unusual and interesting mirrors and wall accessories which no doubt will prove popular with our guests.”

The Verandah Lounge has already proved really popular with our guests, so be sure to pay it a visit when you’re next here!

3 responses to “NEW Verandah Lounge Unveiled!”

  1. Joy says:

    Will be there at the end of May to try it out. Looks stunning. One of my favourite rooms.

  2. Sharon Davies says:

    Loved it my favourite decor 😍

  3. Elaine says:

    We stayed recently but we weren’t a fan of the new wallpaper…too busy! New furnishings were nice though.

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