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Nov 17, 2016
Posted in: Health & Beauty, Ragdale Hall News   Posted by: Joni Appleton

We’re all about helping our guests to look their best so we’re very pleased to be able to share the news from Rose, our Beauty Shop and Beauty Express manager, that a great new product is now available in our Beauty Express, which we think is a lifesaver!

If you colour your hair and find white roots or dark regrowth creep up on you, you’ll love Root Cover Up by Color Wow. It’s a ground-breaking mineral powder formulation which is so simple to use: you just apply directly to the root area with the brush provided and, hey presto, problem solved; grey is covered, dark regrowth on blonde hair is concealed, and even colour fade and brassiness can be rectified.

The beauty of Root Cover Up is that once applied, it stays put until you shampoo it out, which means it won’t come off onto your clothes (or Ragdale pillows!) and because it’s water-resistant, you can even swim with it.

It’s the first product to cover dark roots in lightened or highlighted hair without peroxide or amonia, as well as effectively covering grey – no wonder it’s won over 34 beauty awards in the UK and US since launching.

So you can confidently extend the time between your salon visits or home colouring sessions, saving you time and money (and the nice people at Color Wow have even provided a video tutorial you can see here).

Other benefits of Root Cover Up include:

  • Natural mineral powder with multi-tonal pigments and reflective particles
  • Free of waxes and dyes
  • Fast, easy, no mess application.
  • No stiff or sticky residues
  • Colour blends it seamlessly and looks completely natural
  • Not tested on animals
  • No parabens, safe for use during pregnancy

Root Cover Up is available in the Beauty Express in seven shades, designed to match and blend with all hair colours, priced at £28.50.


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