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Apr 01, 2019
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April marks the much-anticipated launch of ELEMIS’ NEW and dreamy Life Elixir Mindful Massage. ELEMIS’ Life Elixirs are a new range of modern aromatics with five exquisite fragrances, each designed with a unique blend of essential oils for different moods. Whether you seek to feel soothed, focused, grounded, uplifted or relaxed, there’s an ELEMIS Life Elixir blend for you.

Today we caught up with David Ryan, ELEMIS’ Account Executive here at Ragdale Hall Spa, to hear all about the new addition to our menu. He describes this treatment as ’90-minutes of pure heaven’…

ELEMIS massage

“The treatment begins with a tailored consultation to choose an ELEMIS Life Elixir Essence. There are five to choose from: Fortitude, Clarity, Calm, Sleep and Embrace. By smelling each essence, you choose one that you’re personally drawn to – your sense of smell is closely linked with the emotional part of your brain, so each individual will be drawn to a particular essence that relates to their own personal needs.

“You’ll then begin your journey to ultimate relaxation with guided Chakra breathing. This powerful technique is used to help clear any emotional fog that you may be experiencing, and to also allow you time to inhale the wonderful calming aroma of your chosen Life Elixir Essence.

“To begin the massage, your Life Elixir Essence is paired with the hydrating properties of Japanese Camellia oil, so not only will you feel the emotional benefits, you’ll be left with super soft and supple skin. If that wasn’t luxurious enough, we apply ELEMIS’ Rose Restore Balm over the top to leave your skin feeling like it’s been doused in a bath of nourishing goodness!

“You really are spoilt with this treatment as it includes a full body, scalp and facial massage, so you’ll definitely feel every inch of you has been kneaded until any tension has melted away. Extra little touches, such as bolsters under the shoulders and ankles, will ensure the body is fully supported and comfortable – only adding to the blissful experience.

“This treatment will benefit everyone as it’s bespoke to each individual – there’s a Life Elixir to suit a whole range of emotional needs, and it’s designed to leave your mind clear and lifted. Men will also love this treatment as the blend of essences used are neutral, but still smell amazing.”

To launch this new treatment, we’re offering 15% off until 31st May 2019! For more details on the ELEMIS Life Elixir Mindful Massage and to book the treatment for your next visit, click here or call our Treatments Team today on 01664 433043.

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