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Jun 04, 2013
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With a hen weekend to attend, my invitation to try out some treatments in The Beauty Express couldn’t have come at a better time.  It was going to be a typical hen weekend consisting of getting glammed up, drinking Prosecco and dancing the night away with my fellow hens.

So I grabbed a copy of the extensive treatments menu to see what was on offer.  I decided on HD Brows and Rockstar Nails.  Rockstar Nails to add a bit of sparkle (and also as the only other time I had to paint my nails was on the train to Manchester – not a good look) and HD Brows as it promised to make me look instantly younger, both perfect for the weekend ahead.

Friday morning arrived and I turned up at The Beauty Express, I’d only had a quick peek beforehand, so it was lovely to see the area in its full glory with the products in place, the amazing feature lighting and the gorgeous smell of all the lovely lotions and potions.  I was greeted by one of the very specialist therapists (a team of Ragdale’s most elite so I’m told) and shown to my treatment chair to have my HD Brows.  I settled myself in to the very comfortable chair, put my feet up and my therapist Carla Jade covered me in a blanket and placed a lovely warm cherry stone pillow around my neck which was surprisingly relaxing and comforting, I felt thoroughly spoilt and my treatment hadn’t even started yet!

Carla Jade commenced with the HD Brows which involves a cleanse, a tint, having the perfect brow shape marked out (great concentration and intricacy was involved in this bit), waxing, threading, plucking and trimming!  I found the feeling of having my eyebrows waxed and threaded strangely relaxing (threading is also a great way of getting rid of all those little blonde hairs).

The treatment ended by Carla Jade applying make up to my brows using the HD Brow colour palette and passing me the mirror to have a look!  I was expecting to see big red patches where all the plucking and waxing had taken place but there was hardly any at all.  My eyebrows had never been so neat and tidy, and although I didn’t have any other make up on it looked like I did as my eyebrows defined my whole face.

I was ecstatic with the end result as my eyes looked much wider and brighter, a look that was banished after having my first child, that I’ve been trying to get back ever since!

I’d describe HD Brows as art for your eyebrows and to ensure you get the same look once you’ve cleansed your face and washed off the make-up applied by your therapist, I would definitely recommend purchasing the HD Brow colour palette.  Your therapist will let you know which colour is best for your hair and skin tone and the palette comes with full instructions on how to apply.  It doubles up as a base coat for your eye shadow too!

Rockstar Nails are Shellac polish with an application of glitter – perfect for a girl’s night out.  There are lots of pretty colours to choose from (a little too many for someone as indecisive as me).  The treatment starts with cuticle work, file and general tidy up of the nails.  Whilst working on my nails Carla Jade noticed how dry my hands were, another unfortunate after effect of having children, and talked to me about ways to combat it – great advice which has had amazing results!

So after having Shellac applied the glitter is added using a brush, it’s dabbed on so the whole nail is covered and the colour of the polish underneath just pokes through, a top coat is then applied giving a shiny, smooth, flawless finish.  Due to my dry skin, Carla Jade applied some lovely oil to my hands too, making them look and feel smooth and replenished as well as glamorous!

When the time came to meet the girls at the station, I’m not sure what I was most excited about; the weekend ahead or showing off my nails and my younger looking face!  The treatments made me feel glamorous and much more confident.   Being a bit of a beauty phobic (scared to try new things in case they go wrong!) amongst a handful of friends who are confident enough to experiment with their looks, it was instantly noticeable and they all commented on how great I looked.

I’m so glad I had the opportunity to try the treatments and I will definitely continue having my brows HD’d and my nails Rockstar’d  – it’s the effortless timesaving instant glamour that I’ve always dreamed of.  And why wouldn’t I, the extra confidence it gave me was priceless. I had a great hen weekend too!

Please feel free to share your Beauty Express experiences with us by commenting below.

2 responses to “My Beauty Express Experience”

  1. Sioban Clark says:

    Dear ALL
    Thank you all for a great three days, everyone and everything seems to get better with each visit over the years.
    I first came when Slimming magazine ran the hall and was delighted to get the last ‘Ruby’ savings jug which has already been started, my aim is a 7 days visit in the new year (might be earlier if I am successful).

    I came with a friend who I had first brought last February (2012) and who has badgered me to return and she brought 3 friends from her Opera Society who just kept saying how marvellous each day was. The smallest thing was no trouble from the restaurant manager asking after one the ladies being ill and what could he get for her later (the lady booking us in had been told we would only be four on Monday evening and had obviously made it known) to the young lady who I jokingly challenged about serving a ‘snowball’ without the glacier cherry – how about getting some for Tuesday – bless her she did.
    Thank you to all again.
    Sioban Clark

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