Motivational tips to keep your resolutions on track

Feb 13, 2020
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Feeling the post-New Year February fatigue? To help keep your resolutions on track, we’ve compiled our top tips to keep you motivated and beat the winter blues.

Practice gratitude

In today’s modern world, life can sometimes feel about getting more, having more, and consequently, not feeling content with what we do have. Sometimes we need to slow down and appreciate the things we’ve got, and how far we’ve come. Having a reflection period to look back on what you’ve achieved so far- no matter how small, is so important to staying on track with your goals. You might even discover new things about yourself, and what you want to achieve.

Reward yourself

Yes- you read that right… It’s okay- in fact, it’s beneficial to treat yourself! If your resolution is to get fit and eat a healthier diet, reward yourself in different, creative ways, such as buying new fitness clothing to celebrate your new lifestyle, or treating yourself to a healthy but delicious smoothie (if you have a sweet tooth simply add cocoa powder for a healthy, chocolatey alternative!) These little tips and tricks will help you stay on track on a daily basis, without being counterproductive to your goals.


Go Mental

Focus on how exercise makes you feel. If you’ve had a bad day at work, you often feel calmer after a workout. Stick with it for a short while and you won’t feel so lethargic, but you’ll begin to notice you feel more energised at work and play. A run, cycle or swim can be excellent routes to stimulating your creativity, so don’t sit staring at a blank computer screen, go workout and release the problem-solving potential in your brain.


Try something new

If you find your motivation start to fade, perhaps it’s time to mix up your usual fitness routine. How long have you wanted to book that health and wellbeing retreat for? Or try a new fitness class? Stop putting things off this year and make your health and wellbeing a priority.

From learning new dance routines with our Dancercise Break, to improving your running abilities on our Running Break, and a variety of Yoga and Pilates retreats for all experience levels, there are so many different ways to exercise now – which means there’s sure to be something you’ll enjoy. Or for something different, why not try our Mindful Martial Arts Break designed to help you kick-start a healthy new regime or start a new hobby!

So, grab your workout buddy and set yourself a goal of trying two new things every week. You’ll get a huge confidence boost from conquering things you’ve never done before and this method of cross-training is the best for all round fitness gains.

If you’d like some support in reaching your fitness goals in 2020 why not join us on one of our wellness and fitness breaks? Speak to our Reservations team on 01664 433000 for options and availability.

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