Modern beauty treatments – only skin deep?

Mar 26, 2009
Posted in: Health & Beauty   Posted by: Beth

The old adage about beauty being only skin deep doesn’t necessarily hold true when it comes to good health.  A radiantly clear complexion is generally an indicator of the deeper “inner” beauty which comes from having a healthy constitution.

That said, there are a myriad of new beauty treatments which can make a noticeable difference to your skin relatively quickly if you’ve a special occasion coming up or are looking a bit “peely-wally” (a fabulously evocative Scot’s expression meaning pale and off colour).

Step into any reputable high street pharmacy or department store these days and your eyes will be met by a vast and bewildering array of microdermabrasion products, glycolic peels and moisturisers …

These multifarious lotions and potions boast a host of “scientifically proven” ingredients which sound as if they really mean business, such as aluminium oxide crystals and AHAs – alpha hydroxyl acids to you and me.

You’re certain to be spoilt for choice when it comes to new beauty treatments, so be sure to take the time to read the information on the packaging carefully and select the products that are best suited to your skin type.

Home beauty treatments are certainly handy when time is at a premium or you have an unexpected night out at short notice. But please don’t expect the same results as you would get from a professional salon, as products for home use tend to be far milder than those available to professional beauticians.

So if you want a complexion that really glows, pop down to your nearest spa to find a treatment that you think is just what your skin needs, and indulge yourself – or at least your face – for a couple of hours.

The best spas have an extensive choice of facial techniques on offer, ranging from simple massages to sophisticated treatments using microcurrent equipment.

A professional facial can enhance your skin’s appearance immeasurably, clearing blocked pores, removing dry and dead skin and leaving even the most sensitive skin looking invigorated and radiant.

But don’t forget that a healthy, balanced diet and sensible lifestyle will help keep you looking beautiful from the inside out too, thereby enhancing the effects of any beauty treatments. These days, beauty isn’t merely skin deep.

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