Miracles do happen at health spas…

Aug 26, 2011
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Some time ago now we ran a competition in our Friends Newsletter asking for details of any special things that had happened to people whilst they were at Ragdale.  We had some amazing letters and emails back from people who had met here and then went on to get married or had got engaged here, all really heart warming stories.  However the one that stood out the most was from Lara Bennett.  Lara won a two night stay with us and was actually here just a couple of weeks ago.  Whilst she was here I met up with her in the Garden Room and sked if she’d mind me sharing her story on the blog….so here it is….

In Lara’s words…

At the age of 35 most of my friends had begun to start a family and some had two children already. I didn’t feel any rush and was enjoying my life; working, socializing, exercising and going on nice holidays with my partner and friends.  My partner and I had begun to discuss having children and decided to start trying.

My periods were regular, I had a healthy lifestyle and diet and didn’t expect any difficulties to arise. So about 2 years ago I went to my doctor who began fertility investigations; the results were inconclusive and I was given a diagnosis of

Lara and Evie

‘unexplained secondary infertility’ and because of my age and already having one child I didn’t qualify for IVF and was discharged from the medical team.

We then consulted a private hospital that ran further tests and discussed IVF with us and I also went to see an acupuncturist who had experience of working with fertility and menstrual difficulties. We decided to have 3 more months of trying on our own and would then go back to begin IVF.  After the 2 months nothing had happened.
I then returned to Ragdale with the same 5 friends in March this year and again had a wonderful relaxing time, enjoying the new thermal area, had a full body massage and gorgeous Elemis facial and tried out a hula hoop class which brought a lot of giggles! We also spent lots of time catching up with each other and reading books and magazines in the relaxation areas.  On my return my partner and I had one final attempt and lo and behold I became pregnant in April 2010! I am sure there is something in the water!
Everything went to plan, all my scans and blood tests were fine and my due date was December the 31st 2010 – what a way to start the New Year!  I gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the 6th January, a week late and weighing in at a whopping 10lb 8oz, no wonder I was struggling to walk! Her name is Annie Lois Stella. Evie is loving being a big sister and is very helpful – in the bath, getting clean clothes, wipes, nappies etc and giving Annie lot of kisses and showing her off to her friends. We had our first holiday to North Wales together which was lovely.
I recently had a wonderful two night stay at the Hall with my mother, who had never been to Ragdale before, which was very relaxing and nice for us both to have a bit of me-time. I am now planning a Ragdale visit in early 2012 after receiving vouchers from one of the friends I go with, for my 40th Birthday that was in August this year but certainly won’t be hoping for any further ‘miracles’ this time!

Evie and Annie

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