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May 15, 2018
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If you’ve been a guest at Ragdale over recent years , you’ll be no stranger to our ever-growing offering of holistic treatments.

From Reiki to reflexology, hopi ear candles and colour reading – our intensively trained and experienced practitioners have been helping our guests restore inner harmony and discover a healthier mind and body through a range of natural and holistic therapies for quite some time.

So, it brings us great pleasure to introduce you to our brand-new dedicated Holistic Team! Skilled and trained in all areas of holistic therapy, with many years of experience between them, guests at Ragdale can truly indulge in an extensive range of alternative treatments designed to nurture, calm and soothe the body and soul – and all at the hands of an experienced and dedicated team.


We offer a fantastic range of holistic treatments, which include: Angel Card Reading, Body Balancing, Colour Reading, Reiki, Hopi Ear Candles, Hopi Heaven, Holistic Sole Sensation, Spirit of La Stone Massage, Holistic Harmony, Reflexology, Balinese Massage, Natural Lift Facial Massage and Crystal Facial. For details on individual treatments, including treatment time and prices, click here.

But did you know we have a number of holistic treatments exclusive to Ragdale? These treatments have been carefully designed by our team of leading holistic therapists, some of which include:

MOT Well-being Massage
Your treatment will be tailor-made by choosing your own Chakra balancing aromatherapy oil and crystals. A combination of deep tissue massage, rhythmic acupressure and gentle body stretches to the body, decollete, neck and scalp will simply melt away muscle tension encouraging the flow of energies around the body. Your deep tissue back massage incorporates the use of hot stones creating sensations of warmth, well-being and total relaxation.

Sensory Journey
As the chakras, mind and body are balanced, you will drift off to a place of tranquillity through touch, smell and the harmonising sounds of the chimes. The combination of the healing touch of Reiki and yogic breathing will guide you into a deep state of relaxation creating a sense of inner peace, reducing stress for ultimate mindfulness. The treatment concludes with a choice of herbal tea.

Chakra Guidance
This unique treatment combines Angel Card reading and Chakra Silks to restore balance and harmony to the mind body and soul. Seven Oracle cards are chosen and explained, which give gentle guidance to the different areas of your life and can be used as an aid to positive decision making. To bring stillness to the mind, you will experience breathing exercises whilst coloured silks are then placed on each of the chakras, starting at the head and gradually working down to the feet. Each colour used is explained whilst being held in place to allow Reiki energy to flow. This gentle, yet powerful treatment can help ease tensions, worries and anxieties, leaving you feeling grounded, cleansed, rebalanced and relaxed.


60 seconds with….

Over the next few months we’ll be finding out a little bit more about our holistic team members in our blog, and recently caught up with Holistic Therapist, Jenifer Taylor, to hear all about her role here at Ragdale: “I’ve been a therapist at Ragdale Hall for almost 16 years, and in that time have been offering a varied range of holistic therapies for our guests.

“I’m a qualified Reiki Teacher ( Level 1 & 2 and Master), and have been practising Reiki for more than 20-years. Alongside Reiki, I also offer Colour Readings and Angel Card Readings.

“Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing, and a natural process that uses energy to balance the body and mind. Reiki is a very gentle, relaxing and soothing experience and one of my favourite treatments because it works to individual’s and their needs, and is suitable for everyone and all ages – whether you’re 16 or 106!

“I also do Angel Card Readings and Colour Readings, which again, are both very gentle and relaxing treatments. Although very different from each other, they can help offer guidance on different areas of your life, give insight into the journey you are on, and Angel Cards in particular can be used as an aid to positive decision making.

“I always think it’s incredibly important to stress that all treatments are completely confidential, but much of the feedback I’ve received from guests over the many years I’ve been doing Angel Card Readings is that they feel as though they’ve had a weight lifted off their shoulders, they’re less anxious and feel uplifted. Readings can be a great stress-reliever, offering some comforting guidance.”

Holistic therapies are becoming much more wide-known, as more and more of us discover the real benefits they can offer for several conditions. So, if you’ve been feeling the strain lately or have a niggling physical ailment, a holistic approach could be a fantastic option to help rebalance the body and mind.

Browse our full range of holistic treatments, here or to book a holistic treatment for your next visit or for more details call our Treatments Department on 01664 433000 or email

And don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog over the coming weeks for the opportunity to hear more from our fabulous Holistic Therapies Team!


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