Love alfresco dining? Then you’ll love this!

Jul 23, 2015
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September will see the commencement of a major project to refurbish and extend the existing Verandah Bar.  It will also include a relocated and enlarged terrace area outside, including new garden areas visible from the existing Verandah Lounge – perfect for alfresco dining in style.

The existing panelling will be retained and whilst the area will have a somewhat more contemporary feel, the relaxed, eclectic vibe will be maintained.  The extended area will have a glass roof so as to take full advantage of the southerly aspect.  Regular guests will know that this area is often exceedingly busy, especially at ‘tea and cake time’, as well as over lunch and in the evening.  A new kitchen is being added to provide a variety of light meals and snacks, along with a stunning new bar area.

The new terrace and garden will provide a much larger area for dining and general chilling!

The project will be completed in Spring 2016….. ready for the warmer weather!

More details to follow…watch this space!

27th July 2015

Since first posting this exciting news, some guests have asked for more information about the work. The extension to the Verandah Bar will take place in stages, therefore the Verandah Bar will remain open throughout, and we will of course minimise disruption as much as is possible.  Because only the immediate area will be affected by the works taking place, guests will still be able to enjoy Ragdale’s many other areas as usual. Anyone booking rooms above the work will be informed at the time of booking, and their rate discounted to compensate for any noise/disruption. We know all our guests value the continued investment in Ragdale and this latest project will ensure this popular area is of the same high standard as the rest of the Hall.

Progress Report

14th September 2015

Phase One, to build the new kitchen area, is now underway.  The new area means we can provide our guests with a larger menu, as well as offer a better service, once the project is completed.

Hoarding is up to cordon off the exterior side of the Verandah Bar and part of the existing kitchen and bar area.  Until further notice, seating spaces in the Verandah Bar have been reduced and a few minor alterations to the services offered have been put into place.  Please speak to one of the Receptionists or a member of the food and beverage team if you would like more information.


2nd October 2015

The site has been stripped and foundations dug!  Concreting will be taking place week commencing 5th October.


15th October 2015

The steel frame has been erected so you can now see the shape and size of the extension.

33 responses to “Love alfresco dining? Then you’ll love this!”

  1. Debbie Hodgins says:

    It’s good to see some more refurbishments taking place but will there be much disruption while this goes on? We were thinking of booking in September but we stayed before and it wasn’t very relaxing when there was banging and drilling going on at various times of day

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Debbie – thank you for your message. Anyone whose room may be affected by the work would have been advised at the time of booking and the Verandah Bar will still be open during the work. Hope this helps.

  2. Penny Anthony says:

    Bit concerned I must say. I am booked for September. I visited when the thermal spa was being built and it ruined the time we had there.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Penny – thank you for your message. Anyone whose room may be affected by the work would have been advised at the time of booking and the Verandah Bar will still be open during the work. Hope this helps.

  3. Karen Burt says:

    I am also booked for September and am concerned that this will impact on my stay.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Karen – thank you for your message. Anyone whose room may be affected by the work would have been advised at the time of booking and the Verandah Bar will still be open during the work. Hope this helps.

  4. Helen Skidmore says:

    Ditto what Karen & the others said. I’m staying the last week in September so I presume work will be well underway by then. I wasn’t informed of the work when I booked & I wonder what assurances there will be as to maintaining the usual peace & tranquility during the refurb.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Helen – thank you for your message. Anyone whose room may be affected by the work would have been advised at the time of booking and the Verandah Bar will still be open during the work. Hope this helps.

  5. Eileen Hall says:

    Just when you think things couldn’t be better! His will be amazing. 😀

  6. Emma Gillott says:

    Sure it will be very lovely when it’s finished, but a bit disappointed that the work wasn’t mentioned when I booked the other day for a September break.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Emma – thank you for your message. Anyone whose room may be affected by the work would have been advised at the time of booking and the Verandah Bar will still be open during the work.

  7. Nicola says:

    Im really pleased to hear about the renovations to the Verandah Bar. My only question is whether the lounge area / snug at the bottom of the Verandah bar is still going to be open and tranquil? Similar to other guest posts, I’m also booked in September and usually spend a lot of time in this area both during the day and in the evenings? I would be very disspoainted if this aresa was not available to me?

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Nicola – thank you for your message. The disruption will be kept to a minimum and the Verandah Bar and adjacent areas will still be open during the work.

  8. Michelle says:

    6 of us are booked in October for 4 nights! I’m praying this doesn’t affect our break!

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Michelle – the Verandah Bar will still be open during the extension and you would have been advised at the time of booking if your room was going to be affected.

  9. Mo Harrison says:

    Although I won’t be visiting Ragdale at this time we were there when they were building the Thermal Spa and also there when they built the Pavilion. It wasn’t brilliant but the thing is that Ragdale never closes. The Garden Room will be bursting at the seams to accommodate all those day/residential guests who would normally use the Verandah Bar.

  10. Anita Gale says:

    I’m booked in a superior twin room for a couple of nights in September. I’m concerned that these are the rooms directly over the area of the new project. Whilst it’s lovely to see exciting additions to your offer, I was looking forward to a chilled out couple of days and seek some reassurance of restful break.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Anita – anyone calling to book will be advised if their room is likely to be affected by the work. If it wasn’t mentioned to you, your room won’t be affected.

  11. Maria says:

    This is going to be fabulous!
    Yes, there will be disruption, but Ragdale are mindful of noise, and want us all to have a relaxing peaceful break.

    I imagine they will utilise rooms away form the building work as much as possible. It is a shame there will be a disruption in service, I will miss the Verandah Bar, and the fabulous staff, whilst the work is being done.

  12. Sharon Sharman says:

    Just to say , I love marias comments , I agree whole heartedly

  13. Maria says:


  14. Valerie Jackson says:

    Hi My sister and I will be visiting towards the end of November. Whilst we love to see all the wonderful improvements I feel that the Verandah Bar feels cosier that the other one for our evening coffee. We booked almost a year ago so am assuming that our room will not be affected.

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Valerie, if your room was going to be affected, you would have been contacted by the Reservations Team. The Verandah Bar will still be available for your evening coffee, however seating spaces will be reduced.

  15. Gemma Dawson says:

    After a lovely relaxing stay. The Verandah Bar alterations did not impact on our stay at all.
    The Garden room didn’t feel busy with extra tables and chairs provided on the way to the thermal spa. Thanks again Ragdale Hall x

  16. Samantha says:

    Hello, I’m a huge fan of the Verandah Bar, it’s cosy and calming.. I adore the mismatch chairs and the white wash clad walls. Are you going to be keeping that feel or will it become lime green and modern like your other new room and how long till it’s completed?

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Samantha,
      many thanks for your comment. You’ll be happy to know that whilst the furniture is being replaced, it will still be a mix of sofas, comfy chairs and tables in different styles. The tongue and groove clad walls will remain and the colour scheme will be pale and soft pinks, greens and blues. Whilst the new area will be revealed in the New Year, some of the fitting out will take a little longer, as will the planting of the outdoor area.

  17. Lucy Joned says:

    I am a massive fan of the wicker chaise longue that used to be located in what was the chilling area adjacent to the boutique. The chaise was comfy, the view out if the window into the garden was delightful and I used to find the background sound of people passing on their way to and from the Spa area really relaxing. I couldn’t find the chaise anywhere when I visited a couple of weeks ago, the area where it used to be was filled with tables and chairs. Once the Veranda Bar is completed will this lovely little area of Ragdale Heaven be restored, complete with chaise?

    • Tracy says:

      Hi Lucy, thank you for your comment and we’re delighted to read that you enjoy looking out into the back garden whilst relaxing on the chaise. We have had to slightly change the seating in the Greenhouse to accommodate diners who would normally have eaten in the Verandah Bar however can assure you the chaise and more comfy chairs will be returned to the Greenhouse following the refurbishment.

  18. Joy says:

    Just returned from a visit. The adaptation of the Verandah Bar whilst the work is carried out is very tastefully done, as usual. I like the music. Perhaps it can be included on completion of the extension. Work is progressing but still a lot to do. Hope it’s finished by my next visit in February.

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