Like mother, like daughter – a spa break you’ll both enjoy

Jun 14, 2010
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Tempestuous mother-daughter relationships are well documented in the press, with Charlotte Church and Britney Spears being just two examples to have hit the headlines in recent years.

Yet, although most of us mums experience the inevitable ups and downs in our relationship with our darling daughters, fortunately such episodes tend to be few and far between.

Moreover, the special bond that bridges the gap between the two generations is one that generally matures and improves across the years – especially once daughters grow up and have daughters themselves.

Suddenly, the reasons behind all the unreasonable things that your dear old mum used to say and do become crystal clear as you lock horns with your own quarrelsome young diva about skirt length (or lack of it…), over-zealous eye make-up application or regularly broken curfews.

Strangely enough, the sudden realisation of the responsibilities of motherhood often draws daughters closer to their mothers as nothing else can. Though, sadly, our hectic everyday routines don’t always allow us to spend as much time together as we’d wish, whether mum and offspring live next door to each other or at different ends of the country!

Together time – a complete break away from the constant demand of partners, younger children, university courses, bosses etc – is incredibly precious. So when you do get the chance to meet up, you’ll want your mother-daughter rendezvous to be at a venue that allows you time to talk at leisure and simply to enjoy being in each other’s company.

Some spa resorts offer special spa breaks for mums and daughters, offering the perfect opportunity to indulge in some precious “girly time”, far away from all the stresses and strains of the outside world. In the soothing, luxurious ambiance of leading modern-day spa resorts, peace and quiet prevail, and reality seems to be temporarily suspended.

That means you and your mum or daughter (or even both!) will have all the time you need to talk about everything and nothing as you laze by the pool sipping a cool drink, stroll round the beautiful grounds of a rural spa or relax while the tight knots in your neck and shoulders simply melt away under the firm yet gentle hands of a professional masseur.

Pampering will be the order of the day down at the spa, with Professional beauty therapists on hand to administer a refreshing Pure Bliss Facial or Relax and Rehydrate body treatment – not to mention a wealth of other beauty treatments with exotic names such as Caribbean Fruit Wraps or Banana, Papaya and Strawberry Body Polish and Float.

After a fabulously relaxing mum and daughter spa break, those dreaded days when you spent your time together arguing about unsuitable boyfriends (whether yours or hers!) will seem like a hazy memory…

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