Like mother, like daughter – a spa break you’ll both enjoy

Jun 14, 2011
Posted in: Health & Beauty, Well-being   Posted by: Tracy

It’s exam time and with stress levels soaring in households around the country, family relationships are truly put to the test. Be it GCSE’s, A levels or university exams, the picture is the same and it’s best to just ride the storm.

The special bond between mums and daughters will be tested but is one that generally matures and improves across the years, but it does need nurturing and tending.

Once the exams are over, a complete break away from the constant demands of partners, younger children, work and school is incredibly precious. Together-time needs to be somewhere you can talk at leisure and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Where better, than either enjoying a Mother & Daughter spa day together or if you can stretch to it a Mother & Daughter spa break

You will have time to talk about everything and nothing, laze by the pool, stroll in the gardens and let all the stresses of the past few months melt away during a pampering treatment.

After a few hours at Ragdale Hall, those exams (and mum’s worrying) will seem like a hazy memory.

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