Let’s raise our mugs to beauty treatments

Nov 26, 2009
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With the trend for nutri-styled cosmetic products looking set to make a big splash, well-known beverage manufacturers Nescafe have recently developed a new product.  The drink, aimed primarily at women, is a new brand of coffee containing coffee (no surprise there then), skimmed milk and… collagen.

For anyone not in the know, collagen is the elastic material that helps give your skin its shape. In recent years, it has been much used by plastic and cosmetic surgeons to “fill out” fine lines – and indeed it features in the list of ingredients of many leading anti-wrinkle creams.

A number of health experts remain to be convinced that ingesting collagen offers any tangible beauty benefits, but the product has already been launched in Singapore, and the rave reviews it has generated there would seem to fly in the face of European and American sceptics.

It is probably only a matter of time before collagen-infused coffee is found on UK shelves. But if, like me, you’re not a keen coffee drinker, don’t despair – there is also a bevy of beauty treatments which can give your skin a revitalising boost. Better still, they are likely to take effect a lot faster than collagen coffee.

Modern-day spas offer an extensive range of facials and other beauty treatments that are ideal for the succession of tired, often stress-ravaged, faces that cross the threshold of their treatment rooms.

Depending on your skin type and what you’re hoping to achieve, you can select from treatments that rejoice in names such as  “Oily Skin Rescuer”, “Thirsty Skin Soother”, “Re-vital Eyes” and Li’Tya Mikiri (the latter involving Aboriginal-inspired massage techniques).

Another extremely innovative treatment which is worth trying is the Pro Collagen Quartz Lift Anti-Ageing Facial from Elemis. This luxurious treatment harnesses the power of Padina Pavonica in synergy with Quartz, Tourmaline, Rhodochrosite and Malachite and other minerals to re-energise cell communication.

The result is a firmer, uplifted more youthful appearance – and all in just 70 minutes. I suspect you’d need to drink a cornucopia of cups of collagen coffee in 70 minutes to compete with that…

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