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May 26, 2015
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Those who have had a treatment with Jenifer or attended one of her workshops will understand how passionate she is about her life’s work.  Her quest to spread the message on all she believes in is very powerful and I think this comes down to her extremely special personality.

I recently had the chance to chat to Jenifer about her new workshop, The Power of Positive Thoughts, which is already proving popular among our guests.

Please explain a little bit more about The Power of Positive Thoughts and what exactly it is?

‘The Power of Positive Thoughts  is all about how to live the lives we were destined to lead.  The Power of Positive Thoughts is simply; like attracts like, positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative.’

What do guests get from the workshop?

‘By sharing my knowledge, you’ll have the tools to take back your own personal power and manifest your future.  If you apply all the advice given you will begin to create the life you desire.’

Why are you so passionate about this subject?

‘I have seen and experienced, how, when we apply The Power of Positive Thoughts to our daily lives, changes do occur.’

What does the workshop entail?

‘As well as sharing my knowledge on the Power of Positive Thoughts, the workshop also includes a fun mini Colour Reading to demonstrate there is more to us than we realise.  The workshop ends with a guided meditation which will give you the opportunity to manifest aspects of your life you wish to change.’

Selina Edge, Age 33, full-time mum to 4 boys often books treatments with Jenifer and has recently attended her new workshop.  Here’s what Selina has to say about Jenifer’s work and about The Power of Positive Thoughts workshop:

‘One of the highlights of my stay is always seeing Jenifer Taylor- I truly believe she is an exceptional asset to an incredible team.

‘I first met Jeni when a friend booked me an Angel Card Reading with her. I found the reading a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. It inspired me, and gave me direction on aspects of my life that I needed. We then immediately booked the Angel Workshop, which we thoroughly enjoyed every minute of. I found the workshop a relaxed way to learn more about angels and their guidance and I left with a feeling of great motivation.

‘I was delighted when Jeni told me about her new workshop, ‘The Power of Positive Thoughts’, which I immediately booked. An informative class and a very positive experience. The class gives you an on going way of improving your well being- it really helps make a difference.

‘Jeni is such an inspiring person, and a pleasure to be in the company of. I always leave her treatments/readings and workshops with a sense of total peace, immense positivity and motivation, and above all such gratitude that my friend booked me my very first reading. I have since highly recommended Jeni to many friends, who too have had inspirational experiences, and I will continue doing so.’

To book a place on one of Jenifer’s The Power of Positive Thoughts Workshops call 01664 433043

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