The latest trends in anti-ageing skincare

Sep 18, 2014
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Cat, one of Ragdale Hall’s skincare experts gives us her view on the latest trends in anti-ageing skincare…

The battle against anti-ageing is now a global phenomenon. Trends and fashions for different procedures pop up all over the media and its clear that there are two camps when it comes to eternal youth; surgical and alternative. If you are one of the thousands in the fight against the frown lines chances are you have researched into one of these. Medical professionals have been advancing their developments of injectables and on the other hand, skincare brands have become much more savvy with their products and sophisticated with their facials. Looking at two major trends within the beauty industry, which route will you choose to go down?


Since botox came under the spotlight a number of years ago, injectables have taken off with a number of companies offering a similar procedure.

Frotox is a brand new development in facial injectables. Unlike Botox it uses a toxic free wrinkle injection. Frotox works by injecting liquid nitrogen into the muscle nerve in your face to literally freeze the muscle. It targets the forehead and brows in a 15 minute procedure. Results will appear within a few days, reaching it’s full after two weeks. The results that you see will wear off after around four months and you will have to re visit your practitioner for a top up.

Electrical Facials

Skincare brands have become much more advanced in the development in electrical facials, a treatment that has been tried and tested and used to target signs of ageing in the skin for many years. More recently ladies have been turning to electrical procedures as an alternative to cosmetic procedures, saving them the pain and the price tag and with the benefit of noticing fantastic results. Rather than freezing or paralysing the muscle an electrical technique with strengthen it. You take your body to the gym; why not treat the muscles in your face to the same toning treatment. Results are immediate, however just like a visit to the gym; you will need to book a course of facials to improve the results. Benefits are the cost and recovery time, the treatments are enjoyable and relaxing with no pain what so ever. Your therapist can work all over the face targeting your problem areas. If you maintain with regular facials, the results you will see will be long lasting.

A range of electrical facials are available at Ragdale Hall from Elemis

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  1. ANTI-AGING says:

    Finally I have found what I have essential. There are so many information that is really needed for us because use of anti aging. Thanks for sharing the post.

  2. Frotox really catch my attention, this is something interesting because can be a good alternative for Botox which has been known for years now. Some people still afraid to deal with Botox because of the toxin. I believe since this is toxin free, a bit cheaper and can deliver much faster result, it will be a great addition for anti-aging treatment.

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