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Apr 13, 2011
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As our Beaut Camp event (a luxury fitness boot camp with some indulgent pampering too) is a fairly new one, feedback from the guests that attend is vital to ensure we keep improving this event and make it so guests get exactly what they want out of it.

Feedback from our latest Beaut Camp which took place at the end of March includes:

Overall impression of the event?

“Excellent loved the mix of exercises and treatments!”

“Well organised, good balance”


Favourite elements of the package?

“Well designed for my needs! The instructors were very organised – the activities had exercises to suit all – the treatments were fab!”

Did you achieve what you hoped to during the four days?

“Yes I realised I don’t push myself enough.”

“Yes I now realise I can do more. I push myself out of the comfort zone.”

“Yes, this has given me a kick start to reach my objectives.”

“Wasn’t sure what to expect but feel more knowledgeable to take my regime forward”

“Yes, it was a wake-up call for me!”

Do you feel confident you are now on track to achieve your goals?

“Yes, with my change of self belief”

“Yes, it has given me a good start”

Read what the attendees of the first ever Beaut Camp back in 2010 had to say about their experiences.

Our next Beaut Camp event at the end of June is now fully booked however there is one coming up in October – for more details visit our website Special Events page and scroll down to the fifth event on the list.

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