Keeping it clean – and green!

Sep 01, 2015
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Did you know Ragdale Hall’s main Laundry is located in a separate industrial-style building a short distance from the main building, and is run by a team of five very experienced staff? Between them they wash, dry and press more than 2,000 kilos of laundry every day. That includes all the robes, sheets, towels, tablecloths and napkins used throughout each day and works out at around 10kgs per guest!

Our Laundry runs for 12 hours each day, seven days a week, and our biggest machines can hold up to 40kgs of washing – that’s more than five and a half times the amount of an average domestic washing machine.

But with so much energy involved in keeping our whites white, we’re very mindful of the need for us to keep our impact on the environment as low as we can, so we’re very pleased to report our latest ‘green’ investment is a biomass boiler, which will contribute to helping us achieve this.

The biomass boiler replaces two previous gas-burning boilers and burns wood pellets which are made from recycled wood and paper, producing heat and electricity with less effect on the environment than fossil fuelsIt is just one of our green initiatives, which include electricity from renewable sources and a laundry system to purify and re-use ‘grey water’, the ‘gently used’ water from washing machines, for example. Even the laundry is transported by green means, as it is moved back and forth between the Laundry building and the main Hall in a hydraulic tug, fuelled by manpower alone!

And for some time we have been reducing our impact on the environment in other ways throughout the Hall; we use low energy lighting and recycle waste,      buy paper from suppliers who guarantee replantation, and look to use local food producers and suppliers whenever we can to reduce our food miles.

So now you can relax and enjoy your stay even more!

2 responses to “Keeping it clean – and green!”

  1. Teri Browett says:

    Fabulous start. Next we want to see solar panels, organic food grown in the garden and environment friendly cleaning products and hand washing (Ecover for instance). I understand there is a way to clean swimming pool water so that you don’t need chlorine. (From Australia, uses light). Bring back organic red wine (the Ruins) and more green juices. You will then be my second home!

    • christina says:

      Teri – I am with you all the way – save for the wine as I am TT. But WHEN is an English Spa going to take on board that chlorine is a toxic gas – even if very small quantities are used. And it is not necessary. I’ve worked in a third world country (20+ years ago) where salt was being used to cleanse. France is another place that does that. Convenient to be near the sea but not a necessity. Plus, there are other methods too. I mentioned this many years ago to a ‘luxury’ spa where I was a member. Too expensive! But what price health? And changing cleaning products, hand washes. Moreover, premium prices are often charged for ‘fresh’ food. But what about organic? I’ve eaten organic (where possible) for 40 years and eating out in this country is not an option. Even places who claim to be organic are often not. Or…you can get organic coffee but if you want milk it is not organic. And the price is not astronomic these days. Ragdale Hall looks lovely. Let me know if you’ve made that step into eco/organic and I’ll be there!

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