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Jul 02, 2014
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Angel workshops were launched at Ragdale Hall in August 2013 and with the 1st Anniversary coming up we thought it’d be nice for Jenifer, Senior Holistic Therapist to share with you how they came about.

So in her words…

For a start, I would like to begin by saying the Angel Workshops were never my idea!  Yep, that is correct, never in a month of Sunday’s did I come up with this idea.  I have worked in the Beauty Department since May 2002 and I know that Beauty treatments are the backbone of our Department, and I never knew of anything like this before being held ……

How it began…….

Rewind to November 2012, when I received a gift of an Angel ornament from a dear friend and over the next two months received six more Angel gifts from six different people.  Always being known for my love of the fairy world, I thought it was a little odd and thought it must have a meaning, but that was as far as my thoughts on the subject went!!  Don’t get me wrong, I have always, from as far back as I can remember, believed in Angels and been aware.  My Great Granny Keen was in a nursing home and when I was about 4 or 5 I remember  visiting her and the room would be filled with such light.  I was always encouraged to sit with some of the ladies and hold their hands, pretending to be a nurse!! But really I was in training for my role as a Reiki Therapist now!!  The light in the room would have been the Angels presence with all in the nursing home.  There are other things I could share but for today it’s the Angels.

So there I was, seven gifts of Angels thinking what does it mean when I treated myself to an Angel Card Reading with my friend Nicola.  There it was suggested that I should hold Angel Workshops at Ragdale Hall!  Still I let it wash over my head.  I knew Ragdale better than the Angels I told myself, and left the message at that.  Roll on March, and the thought came into my mind again, this time I jotted a note to my Treatments Manager, Zoe, and thought no more of it.  A few weeks later Zoe came back with the answer that she liked the idea and I was to do a Workshop with her, my other Treatment Manager Hannah, and a few of the Beauty Supervisors.  Nervous is not even close to describing how I felt but I presented one and work commenced to polish my presentation and create a booklet, all with the help of other members of staff.  Zoe and myself worked on the booklet, Denise produced the final booklet with Tracey choosing the cover.  It was as if we were all listening to the Angels in creating the Workshops which was presented to see if it would be ok for Ragdale.  Five months in the process the package was completed and the launch day arrived in August.

“What happens in an Angel Workshop?”

It felt right that the group should be small, with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 6 so that the session could be more personal.  A gentle introduction to Angels is given followed by an Angel Meditation with an opportunity to pick an Angel Card for inspiration and guidance.  At the end of the session a booklet is given with all the information to take home.

Watch my short video clip for more of an insight:

Fast forward now ……

I should never have doubted the Angels wanting to come to Ragdale.  The Workshops are not really “workshops” but 1 ½ hours of time out, to sit in the company of Angels who bring love and healing.  Each one is different.  There can be laughter, sharing of knowledge and stories, and at times tears.  It can be emotional but I have seen Guests who have come back a few months later radiant, a weight lifted from their shoulders.  There is more to this World than we realise  and the Angels are wanting us to know this and that, as individuals, we have so much within us that it is time to empower ourselves to live lives that are fulfilling and the Angels want to help us.

I know not everyone believes in Angels, and that’s ok.  I do not want to convince or change people’s mind, we have to find out own truths, our own paths.  But for those who do believe, or wish to believe, then its fantastic that Ragdale Hall now offers this opportunity.

It’s the experience that is unique in the beautiful grounds of this amazing Hall that then becomes a stepping stone for you to explore more about Angels in the days, weeks or years that follow.

So hence the name will be changing from “Angel Workshops” to “A Journey With The Angels”.

I am still not sure why the Angels picked me, but they did, and it is a true honour to present them.  Thank you.  I hope one day you come along to one of the Workshops.

To book a place phone our Treatments Advice Line on 01664 433043

£28 per person for 90 minutes.

Held every Thursday but I can accommodate other days if I am available.

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