It’s party time and we all want to look our best!

Dec 20, 2011
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Book in for one of our quick fix glamour treats on your next visit – perfect if you’re visiting before the party season.

Fake Bake Tanning Treatment

Fake Bake gives and instant sun-kissed colour and develops into a long lasting and perfectly natural looking tan that compliments your skin tone. This treatment begins with an exfoliation of the face and body, then the Fake Bake Original Self Tanning Lotion is applied to the face and the body.

It is generally believed that a professional self-tan treatment provides the longest lasting, darkest tanning results because the skin is stimulated throughout and the therapist is trained to ensure that the correct amount of product is applied to the skin.

Please consider the following before booking:

•A patch test must be carried out 24 hours prior to your treatment

•The tan take 6 to 8 hours to develop and during this time you will not be able to use the Thermal Spa or pool, partake in exercise or hair and beauty treatments.

Price – £53.00 / Treatment Time – 55 minutes

Minx Nails

Minx extends fashion to your fingertips. Minx is for a person who loves life and enjoys standing out from the crowd; the fashion-conscious will not feel their ensemble is complete without their Minx. Minx is such a fun and fashionable product it is hard not to fall in love with the attention you get when wearing it.

Minx is a quick, easy, effective and glamorous alternative to nail polish. There is no drying time and it is long lasting and smudge free. The nails and cuticles are filed and tidied and then your nails are warmed under a heat lamp to allow the flexible film to adhere to the nail. Your choice of Minx is applied giving your nails a customised new look!

Once applied you can expect your Minx to last on your toe-nails for up to 4 weeks & 4 to 6 days on the hands

Add Minx to any of the following (add on price £20): Custom Manicure, Custom Pedicure, Immaculate Manicure and Pristine Pedicure.

Price – £36.00 / Treatment Time – 40 minutes

Eyebrow Threading

Achieving a shape that flatters and enhances your features can radically alter your appearance, so put your tweezers down and hold on the plucking!

Threading is the ancient method of hair removal originating in the Eastern world. In more recent times it has gained popularity in Western countries.

The therapist uses pure, thin, twisted cotton thread which is rolled over untidy areas of unwanted hair, plucking the hair at the follicle level. Unlike using tweezers, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove an entire row of hair, resulting in a straighter line.

Price – £18.00 / Treatment Time – 25 minutes

Shellac Long Lasting Nail Colour

Shellac is a new innovation in nail care. It wears flawlessly for up to 14* days with high gloss shine. The treatment begins with a nail file and cuticle tidy. Shellac is then applied to the nail like a polish and cured under UV light so there is no drying time. This long lasting colour provides strong nail protection that resists dullness and nail chipping even during the most rigorous activities.

Removal packs can be purchased for use at home, however professional removal is recommended.

*Dependent on certain nail types.

You can also add Shellac onto any of the following treatments; Custom Manicure, Custom Pedicure, Immaculate Manicure and Pristine Pedicure for just £19.

Price £34.00 / Treatment Time – 40 minutes

And here are som eof our members trying out Minx……..




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