It’s game, set and match to Ragdale!

Jun 29, 2018
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With the 2018 tennis season kicking off on Monday 2nd July, what better time to dust off your racquet, open a fresh tin of balls and take to the courts?

Tennis has long been a sport loved by the nation, with variations of the sport dating back to the 12th Century and the game as we know it today becoming popular in the 16th Century.


Tennis can be a fun way to add a bit of variety and excitement to your fitness regime, but tennis as a form of exercise can help you to do more than just burn calories…

It can help to improve:

  • Aerobic and anaerobic fitness – by burning fat and improving your cardiovascular fitness.
  • Speed – through a series of side-to-side and up and back sprints to chase the ball.
  • Co-ordination – since you have to move into position and then adjust your upper body to hit the ball successfully.
  • Flexibility – due to the constant stretching and manoeuvring to return the ball toward your opponent.

The workout a game of tennis gives you results in explosive movements and stretching, providing your body with so many benefits it’s easy to see why tennis is a good choice when working towards improved fitness.

For the budding Andy Murray’s amongst you, our championship standard, all-weather tennis courts (which were resurfaced last year) allow you to perfect your serve and get in the Wimbledon spirit.


Whether you are new to the sport or looking to get back into tennis after a long break, our skilled fitness team also provide one-to-one and shared tennis coaching sessions, where you can learn the basic skills of tennis and perfect your swing.

To book a tennis court please speak a member of our Fitness Team or call extension 318. Racquets and balls can be supplied by the Fitness Department.

Off the court, be sure to stop by our Garden Room and Verandah Bar for a spot of indulgence and take advantage of our new Wimbledon Special: a Wimbledon Martini (Rum, Strawberry Liqueur, pressed strawberries and fresh cream) served with two strawberry and Chantilly cream shortcakes.

Did you know? Strawberries and cream have been associated with Wimbledon since its inception in 1877.

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