It’s British Cheese Week!

Jun 02, 2015
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It’s British Cheese Week so we’ve pulled David Ross, Executive Head Chef away from the kitchen for five minutes to tell us about his favourite cheeses.  David is a bit of cheese connoisseur and wherever he goes on his travels, he always returns with stories of the cheese he’s tried.

Barkham Blue

His all-time favourite Barkham Blue, has just been crowned Supreme Champion 2015 in the British Cheese Week awards – he must have good taste!  This multiple award winning cheese is soft and creamy with a rich buttery texture and savoury note.  The cheese is covered in a distinctive rustic rind and the yellow moist interior is spread with dark blue/green veins.  The melt in the mouth flavour means it has none of the harshness some blue cheeses present.

To get the best of its flavour eat at 6 weeks old.

Barkham Blue is produced by Two Hoots Cheese, a small family run business on the Hampshire/Berkshire border.


Bosworth Ash Log

Another of David’s favourites is Bosworth Ash Log which is made at Highfields Farm Dairy in Tamworth.

This phenomenally smooth creamy cheese, which is made from goat’s milk, gives a clean tasting flavour with lemony and nutty aftertaste.

David recommends eating this cheese when it’s a minimum of 4 weeks old.

bosworth ash log


Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked

In the Lincolnshire Wolds, ten miles from the east coast, this little beauty is being produced by the fourth generation of the same family.

Lincolnshire Poacher Smoked is a hard cheese which is cold smoked over untreated, dampened oak chips for 24 hours.  This method gives it a golden brown colour and delicate smoked flavour.  This is a delicious full, nutty, tasty cheese made from cow’s milk and is best eaten when it’s a minimum of 6 months old.


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