It worked for Janet…could it for you too?

Sep 04, 2012
Posted in: Fitness   Posted by: Tracy

I attended the very first Beaut Camp at Ragdale Hall and my goal was to get fitter and get some advice about preparing to do The MoonWalk, a 26.2 mile power walk around London at night, in aid of breast cancer charities. I had signed up in a moment of madness and really didn’t know where to start.

Anyway thanks to all the encouragement and advice I got from Dean, Chris and Lucy at Ragdale Hall, I achieved my goal at 7.00am on 15th May 2011 and completed the distance in 7 hours. I have also discovered that I love powerwalking too and now do about 5 miles twice a week. I have also toned up considerably and realised that I can do anything I set my mind to.

Janet doing The MoonWalk (below) 

The new slimmer Janet after acheiving her goals following Beaut Camp (right)











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