Is your dad a 21st Century Man? If so, treat him to something he truly deserves this Fathers Day

Jun 13, 2013
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Father’s Day Sunday 16th June 2013

Dads (or the male of the species in general) are the hardest category to purchase gifts for, especially when your dad isn’t a gadget man, A DIY dude or a football fanatic!  You can find yourself wasting time pondering over what to get him and in the end duplicating what you bought him for Fathers Day last year, and the three previous years!  Well we’re here to make a suggestion that you may find a little strange to begin with, let us explain……

It was the Romans that first bought bathing to this country – the ‘spas’ of their day were frequented by men (and only men) who could be found bathing in the sacred baths, believed to have magical healing powers, from noon until night.  This is a clear indication of gender role reversal, judging by the majority of our guests today being females.  It wasn’t until the 16th century when a bath for ladies was built (the Queen’s baths) which makes the history of spas a predominantly male one, believe it or not.

Many twenty first century men do not have the luxury of having their dinner on the table waiting for them when they arrive home from a gruelling day’s work, like they did some 20 years ago when all mothers were stay-at-home mothers.  They often find themselves having to do the weekly supermarket run on a regular basis, particularly in families with younger children, and more and more dads are found donning a pair of marigolds rather than their golfing gloves which are now gathering dust in the garage.  Although men tackling the ironing pile is pushing it a little too far…for now anyway!

Could another gender role reversal be heading our way?  Maybe not!  However I’m sure you’ll agree that whatever your fathers role is, he’s very hard working and deserves a special treat to say thank you.

Although our spa doesn’t promise to cure illnesses, it will definitely relax those hard working muscles and ease those tired eyes, leaving him feeling refreshed and pampered.

Check out our Three Night Time For Me package ‘Just For Him’ and our wide range of Men’s treatments.

If he’s worried it might not show his macho-ness and doesn’t want to feel all sissy, just remind him that it was actually a man that invented spas in the first place!

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