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Mar 26, 2009
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Thanks to the credit crunch, even people for whom monthly bills would normally hold no fear are finding themselves burdened with financial worries. Indeed tensions are rising in households all over the country as a result of threatened job losses and lack of available credit.

Stress is so much part of our everyday existence that we’ve all become a little immune to its effects. And whilst that may be a good thing in some ways, it can also hold hidden dangers for our inner physical and mental well-being.

So if you are feeling stressed – be it because of problems at work or at home, or due to disagreements with colleagues, friends or family – you need to act before heightened tension levels becomes a genuine threat to your health.

There are many ways of de-stressing, and some of them are remarkably simple.  Even stopping what you are doing at a given moment and taking several slow, deep breaths in and out can help.

A lot of tension is carried in the neck, so another effective de-stressing exercise involves standing or sitting up straight, with the bottom of your spine turned under and without arching your back. Then let your head fall forward, while keeping your neck and shoulders relaxed. Slowly roll your head to one side, then let it drop and roll to the other side, without rolling your neck backwards.

Another simple but effective de-stresser is to go for a walk round your garden or a local park. Or, if you’re at work and it’s difficult to escape outside, you could simply stride down the corridor to the office photocopying room or water dispenser and back again. This will remove you from the immediate cause of the stress and help you to calm down before you decide on the best course of action.

However, if your personal stress levels are beyond the reach of simple de-stressing measures, then cheap spa breaks – be they pamper weekends or overnight spa breaks – may hold the answer.

After a full body massage, a Swedish head massage or half an hour luxuriating in a Jacuzzi, you’re sure to feel refreshed and relaxed.

Cheap spa breaks are all the rage these days, and if you shop around, you can find some seriously tempting bargain spa breaks that will allow you to sample the delights of Lavender and Tea Tree Exfoliation or Dead Sea Mud Envelopment – without breaking the bank.

From simple neck rolls to luxuriating in a hot tub, there are so many ways to beat stress and keep body and mind on an even keel. Just factor five or ten minutes of de-stressing into your daily routine and it won’t be long before you feel the benefits.

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