Hone your healthy eating habit at spa hotels

Dec 26, 2009
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If it seems no time at all since the last turkey sandwich was scoffed and the last semi-cremated currant of Christmas pud met its custardy fate, then that can only mean one thing: we’ve eaten, drunk and been merry all festive season, and now it’s time to diet.

It seems there’s a different diet for every day of the year – indeed every day of the new decade, I suspect. However, the truth is that healthy eating is nothing like as complex as the hosts of nutritional spin doctors and the copious reams of literature on the subject would lead us to believe.

Drink seven or eight glasses of water each day. Eat the right amount of calories for your age, size and build.  Oh, and make sure you have some of each food group – but not too much of any group either.

That’s basically it!  But of course, we all find excuses… Such as the fact that opening a packet of crisps is so much quicker than peeling an orange; or that a dollop of full-fat cream just adds a certain “je ne sais quoi” to an otherwise healthy baked apple; or that toast doesn’t taste quite the same without some lovely golden butter atop.

A popular misconception prevails that healthy food takes longer to prepare (it needn’t) or that it isn’t as tasty (it certainly is, as the restaurants in any of the country’s top spa hotels demonstrate on a daily basis!).

With a range of stir fries and grilled, fresh foods available – not to mention some “healthy baking” to round off a perfect meal – spa restaurants are proof positive that healthy food is not only very good for you but tastes very good too.

So if you’re curious to see what it’s like to eat healthily meal after meal, spending a weekend or a few days mid-week at one of the country’s top spa hotels will give you an ideal opportunity to do just that.  Or rather not “just” that, for you’ll also be able to take advantage of all the spa’s treatment and exercise facilities at the same time.

Pursuing a healthy spa lifestyle needn’t mean the end of fun as you know it – in fact, you may find that it opens up a whole new world of enjoyment and helps you develop healthy habits that will stay with you even after you return home, relaxed and inspired to make changes in the way you eat, drink, exercise and live.

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