Heart + Soul Fitness at Ragdale presents… The Viking Workout

Sep 14, 2021
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If you’re looking for a creative, effective and not to mention effective fun workout to shake up your usual gym routine, then we may have the perfect plan for you, brought to you by Ragdale’s very own Health and Fitness Consultant, Dean Hodgkin.



Warm Up

Row to shore                                    5mins rower at moderate pace



Run up the beach                            skill mill

Climb up the rocks                          stair machine

Knock the gates down                    cable machine chop

Attack                                                 kettlebell cyclone

battle ropes

Pillage                                                sandbell ball throw

tyre flip

Climb down the rocks                    depth jump

Run down the beach                       treadmill

Cool Down


Row back to the long boat              2mins rower at gentle pace

Aim for as many repetitions of each exercise as you can do in 1min, take 30secs rest between each exercise.


The Exercises


Cable Machine Chop

Stand with the feet a little wider than hip width apart, holding the handle in both hands, behind and above your left ear. The left foot should be resting on the ball of your foot with heel raised, not flat. Keeping your arms extended, move the handle diagonally down, across the body, hinge at your hip so you end with the hands to reach outside the right knee or foot. Keep the abdominals engaged throughout and rotate the left leg/foot in as you chop down. Return to the start position by reversing the same pattern. After 10 reps, swap to the other side.


Kettlebell Cyclone

Place your feet about a stride width apart and bend your knees so your lower body can be fixed in this stable position. Hold a kettlebell in both hands, with arms extended in front of your body. Keeping your hips as still as possible but allowing rotation of your waist, lift the weight in both hands and circle it behind your head coming all the way back to the start position in front of your body. On the next lift reverse the direction.


Battle Ropes

Stand facing the anchor, rope extended but not taught, with one rope in each hand, palms facing in. With feet hip-width apart, bend your knees and lean forwards slightly, keeping your core engaged. Now whip the first rope with one arm to create a wave pattern that reaches all the way to the anchor. Follow the same movement with the second rope almost immediately after beginning it with the first. The two waves should follow closely one after the other. Continue to create alternate waves in a speedy but rhythmic fashion.


Sandbell Throw

Stand with feet hip width apart, feet facing front, holding the sandbell down in front of the body, with the arms slightly bent. Slowly squat down until the thighs are parallel to the floor, lowering the sandbell to between your legs, but trying to keep the shoulders back and abdominals pulled in. Now, pressing your heels into the ground, use the legs to explode up and at the same time swing-throw the sandbell as high as possible, directly upwards, so that it lands on the ground just in front of you.


Tyre Flip

Stand next to the ViPR laying on the floor end-on, with your feet wider then hip width apart and your toes pointing slightly outwards. Keeping your abs pulled in to stop your back from arching, squat down and tuck your hands under the end of the ViPR. Drive up powerfully through your legs to an upright position, at the same time using your arms to lift the weight and then push it directly forwards with both hands. Take a stride forwards and repeat.


Depth Jump

Stand on a step with your feet shoulder-width apart. Jump both feet off the step, landing just a short distance in front. As soon as your feet contact the floor, bend your knees to lower into a squat then explode up into a leap as high as you can, by forcefully squeezing the leg and buttock muscles. On landing this second time, soften the knees and ankles to protect the joints from the impact. Now step back up onto the step and repeat.

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