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Rose Spencer, Beauty Shop Manager

This winter has been very cold, which has an ageing affect on the skin.

Just as people have to change their wardrobes from winter to spring, skin habits have to be altered to ensure healthy, glowing skin.  Some of the main problems we see in the spring are related to us spending more time outside, this may have a drying effect on our skin.  It is a MUST to take care of your skin whilst entering into spring, so that you will have no problems adjusting to summer.

I recommend the following skin care measures to ensure a smooth change-over between winter and spring:

Women should consider re-evaluating your makeup.  You should switch to a lighter textured foundation preferably one with a built-in sun screen.

Susan Posnick Colorflo is the finest milled mineral foundation with a spf 26.  You simply just brush and go.  This product will not clog the pores or irritate sensitive skin.  In fact, the ingredients are so gentle, you can apply immediately after all skin treatments.  Once you have purchased your Colorflo at £44.95 you only need to replace with a refill at £22.50, you could even replace with a darker shade for the summer.  It’s amazing so give it a go!!

Clarins Younger Longer Balm £65.87

If your skin feels it needs some attention then this is the product for you.  Younger Longer Balm is the secret to youthful looking skin.  It will restore the freshness, tone and radiance you thought your skin had lost during winter.  Apply every other evening by gently patting into the skin.  This method of application brings moisture to the skin surface inhancing the delivery of nutrients, TRUST ME it’s like a workout for your face!

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm £27.06

This is the ideal beauty pick-me-up.  Something we all need at this time of the year.  Clarins Beauty Flash will help to minimize signs of fatigue and/or stress.  Perfect to use before going out or whenever you want to refresh the appearance of your skin.  This product will instantly firm and reduce the appearance of fine lines, your complexion will appear luminous and radiant.  This instant radiant booster is every girl’s make-up-bag MUST HAVE.

Spa Find Cranberry Salt Brushing £17.00

Cranberry Salt Brushing contains Dead Sea salts and cranberry seeds and will smooth your skin by removing all dead skin cells and will help tone the skin and stimulate the circulation.

All winter we cover our skin up, now as the winter months draw to a close, we need to start preparing the skin on our body for the warmer months ahead by using this Spa Find anti ageing Cranberry Salt Brushing.  This cranberry seed and dead sea salt exfoliation mix really gives you an intense body buff treatment to remove all your dead skin cells leaving tired skin glowing and youthful.  Use once or twice per week to achieve silky soft skin.

Rose Recommends – Your anti ageing tool kit.

Target tell-tale signs of ageing by selecting products that can actively regenerate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.Elemis skincare

Elemis’ Resurfacing Programme is perfect for this time of year – it involves just three easy steps to give your skin the ultimate treat.

STEP 1:          Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Face Wash £27.60.  This morning and evening face wash stimulates the skin’s natural cell renewal, sloughing away dead skin cells which dull the complexion.

STEP 2:          Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Serum £97.10.  A clinically proven serum that smoothes the skin’s surface to reclaim a stunning complexion.  Imperfections appear diminished.  To be used morning and evening before moisturising.

STEP 3:          Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Night Cream £81.70.  This nightly treatment stimulates the cell renewal cycle, smoothing and enhancing the skin whilst cellular respiration is at its optimum.

This anti ageing tool kit is essential for this time of year.  As proven in independent clinical trails this system will deliver smoother, more even, younger looking skin giving up to 91% increase in skin smoothness and texture in just 28 days!

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