Happy spa day – top tips for an enjoyable spa visit

Aug 13, 2009
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Spas are one of the few remaining places in our hectic, stress-ridden world where we can truly relax – a place where the focus is on slowing down and taking time for ourselves rather than on working harder and keeping everyone else happy.

However, that said, with spa visits generally limited to a period of hours or days, it makes perfect sense to plan ahead carefully to get the most out of your precious time out.

Most leading spas will offer helpful, practical advice to guide you through the process of choosing the beauty treatments, therapies and activities that are best suited to your personal interests and requirements.

To make sure your spa day or break goes swimmingly, there are a number of things worth bearing in mind. And whilst the following list might seem daunting, it really is worth doing the groundwork so that your spa dream can become a reality.

•    Book your chosen treatments and activities as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

•    Find out in advance what sort of attire you’ll need – swimwear is likely to be on the list, and some kind of exercise kit, so it’s best to ask before you get there.

•    Arrive around 15-20 minutes early so that you have plenty of time to get changed and find your way around your new environment.

•    Also be sure to leave sufficient times in between each activity and/or treatment, as dashing from one room to another won’t help you to relax.

•    Always let your therapist know about any medical conditions that you have, such as high or low blood pressure, and also about any recent surgery you’ve undergone.

•    Be sure to drink plenty of water (a daily intake of 6-8 glasses is usually recommended) in between receiving treatments, using the spa’s facilities and any exercise activities.

•    To gain the full benefits of a massage, schedule your exercise activities before your massage and not after.

•    Use the spa’s heat facilities – such as the sauna and steam-rooms – prior to your massage as this helps to relax muscles in advance.

•    Do not eat for at least an hour before your treatment or activity.

•    Opt for combined face and body treatments, as these often offer better value.

•    If you feel like sleeping at any time during your treatment, just let go and drift off – that’s all part and parcel of your ultra-relaxing spa experience.

As soon as you set foot in a professional spa and the relaxing ambience starts to gently engulf you, you’ll feel the weight of the outside world gradually lifting from your tired shoulders. Better still, you can bask in the glorious knowledge that your special spa day or pamper weekend is only just beginning…

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