Grow old in style – visit a spa regularly

Oct 28, 2009
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A recent report in the Lancet, based on the analysis of data from over 30 countries, showed that the probability of living past the age of 80 has doubled for both sexes since 1950. The report also indicated that more than half of babies now born in the UK and other wealthy nations will live to 100 years of age.

Professor Kaare Christensen of the University of Southern Denmark commented: “People are not only living longer than they did previously, but also they are living longer, with less disability and few functional limitations.”

Of course, as Professor Christensen also points out, if you want to take advantage of this potential longevity you need to engage in healthy behaviours at every stage of your life – such as eating sensibly, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep. Making time to relax on a regular basis can also help prolong your life.

And when it comes to relaxing, few places can rival a spa for plentiful opportunities to let the cares of the world – the family crises and the frustrating workplace situations – slip away as you immerse yourself in the serious business of de-stressing.

The minute you step inside any modern-day spa, you’ll be aware of the atmosphere of peace and calm – it is literally like stepping into another realm where the priorities have shifted and the focus is on thinking about yourself and what is good for you, rather than running yourself ragged at home or at work.

Whether you prefer luxuriating in a sauna or working out in the gym, you’ll find something you enjoy at any health resort. If you’re concerned about keeping the effects of age at bay for as long as possible, you could treat yourself to a Clarins Forever Young Skin Brightener plus Decleor Anti-Ageing Face and Body treatment.

It certainly pays to invest time and money looking after your skin – after all, thanks to modern medical expertise you’re hopefully going to need it for a while!

Of course, this sounds like good news for those of us excited about the prospect of living longer. But it does beg the question: will living longer actually be a pleasure or does it simply mean enduring a rather dull dotage?

A whole generation of active octo- and nonagenarians would seem to suggest otherwise.  You certainly don’t need to look too far to see examples of people who are making the most of every minute.

Such as Dame Vera Lynn, who last month topped the UK album chart at the grand old age of 92 and this month received a lifetime achievement award at the Annual Women of the Year lunch.

Proof that in the 21st century you can keep enjoying an active – and successful – life for many years after the recognised retirement age.

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