Going Solo!

Jan 22, 2013
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If, like me, time to yourself is quite hard to come by, being a working mum, having two young children who’s social lives (which I have to organise) are better than mine, and a very hard working other half who, to say the least, is very disorganised – you really should consider going solo for a day or two.

Complete solitude can be found in many ways but it’s often best to get away from the house so as you don’t get distracted with housework and other daily duties.

A shopping trip is a good idea as there will be many other solo shoppers and the shop assistants are always on hand for company if you need it – stick to the smaller shopping centres though and avoid weekends – somewhere like Bicester Shopping Village would be ideal.

As many of us have very busy lives, we often tend to forgot about the importance and the health benefits of spending time outside in the fresh air.  A walk in the countryside is a great way of switching off from it all and finding yourself.  To awaken your senses, sit on a park bench, close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you.  It will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed and ready to face that pile of dirty washing when you return home.

Another great way of spending time alone is visiting a spa.  Spas come with an abundance of activities to help you relax and be pampered – from beauty treatments to outdoor heated pools to being waited on hand and foot, what more could you ask for during your special me-time.  The beauty of going it alone is that you don’t have to compromise with anyone but yourself, you can do exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it.

Luxury spa Ragdale Hall based in Leicestershire has recently been voted as the Best Spa for Solo Travellers 2012 in the Spa Traveller Awards and here are some comments from guests that recently visited alone!

“I had a brilliant time when I visited alone – I made lots of friends at the singles table*, but still had the chance to find my own space.”

“Just came back from a wonderful five night spa break…..totally lush and spoiled. Ragdale meets my needs in so many ways and on so many levels and sends me back into the big wide world settled, sorted and smiling.”

“From the first moment I arrived I felt completely looked after and valued as a customer. I never imagined that a place of such true relaxation could exist. The effect lasted for days if not weeks afterwards.”

*NB: For more information on Ragdale Hall’s Talking Tables (where single spa go-ers can share a table for lunch/dinner with other guests visiting alone) or if you have any concerns about visiting a spa on your own, please feel free to call our Reservations Team on 01664 433000.

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  1. Wendy harding says:

    Would like to visit on my own next year, details please

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